Allow Agents to Access the Facebook Tool


Give your agents and other team members the ability to use the Real Geeks Facebook Tool to advertise your website directly on the team Facebook page or their own Facebook business pages.

Please Note:

  • Users will only be able to advertise to a Facebook page if they are an admin of the page, which you can learn about HERE.
  • Users who wish to advertise on their own Facebook pages, independent from any other ongoing marketing, will also need to complete the steps outlined HERE.

Giving a user access to the Facebook Tool: 

1. Go to your account permissions page (

2. Click the orange "Edit/Add User" button next to your website. editadd_user.png

3. Click "Edit User" edit_user.png next to the user you'd like to grant permissions for.

4. Check the "Admin" box under "Facebook" and click "Save Permissions".


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