Notes & Follow-Ups in the CRM App


The Real Geeks CRM App makes it easy to stay up to date and connect with your clients while on the go.

The App allows you to create follow-ups and make notes on new and existing leads in your Real Geeks CRM.

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Checking Your Follow-Ups

Using the Real Geeks CRM Mobile App, you can create new follow-ups and keep track of any existing follow-ups for your leads.

You can view current and past due follow-ups from your CRM App Dashboard.  Toggle between "Today", "Upcoming", and "Past Due" to view follow-ups based on the date they are due to be completed.



Creating New Follow-Ups

The Real Geeks CRM App allows you to create and edit follow-ups for your existing contacts. To create or edit a follow-up, head over to the Leads page in your CRM App:


Click on the contact you wish to update. From the contact's Lead Detail Page, select the "Follow-ups" tab. From here, you can either edit or create a new follow-up for the contact. 

Follow-up_Lead_Detail_Page.png Create_New_Follow-up.png

Any follow-ups you create or edit in the Real Geeks CRM App, will also carry over to the desktop version of your CRM.


Making Notes

From a contact's Lead Detail Page, you can also add notes to your leads. The "Notes" tab is located just to the right of the "Follow-ups" tab mentioned above.



"Can I add tags?"

Not currently. While this is in the works for future releases, it is not available at the time. If you need to add a tag, feel free to set-up a follow-up to remind yourself next time you're on the desktop version of the CRM.


"Can I add important dates?"

Similar to tags, this is a feature that will be implemented in future releases.


"Will my Drip Follow-Ups show up in the Real Geeks CRM App?"

Absolutely! Whatever follow-ups are on the desktop version of your Real Geeks CRM, will show up on the mobile app version as well.

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