How to Create a Tile Group


Tile Groups are a fantastic way to promote agent resources, or share information about different areas within your market! Customize these tiles with custom text and images to make your content easier to access.

Create a Tile Group

  1. Go to your Website Editor ( > Edit Website)
  2. Click Home Page
  3. Look for Featured Pages under the WYSIWYG content box
  4. Click the Plus (+) sign
  5. Look for the new popup window, and give your group a Title
    Give users context when looking at your tiles, with the Tile Group Title 
  6. Enter the details for up to 6 tiles in a group
    • Use Name to display the official title of an individual tile
    • Use Page to add the link people will be taken to when they click the tile
    • Use Button Text to add custom text to the tile’s custom button
    • Click Pick Image to Upload a custom photo as your tile’s background
      • If you don’t have any photos to use, visit or to download high-quality images for free!
  7. After all tiles are created, click Save to create your Tile Group

  Please Note

This feature is currently only available on the Anna - Modern website design template

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