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This is the second phase of setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on your website. For help getting started, check out our quick-start guide for GA4.

Ensure you're able to maximize the capabilities of your account by completing the necessary steps in Google's Setup Assistant. The following information details the steps, and how they can benefit your analytics experience!

Please Note:

Not all steps are required. You can mark any step as "completed" at any time by clicking the Action Arrow, then click Mark as Complete.


Google Signals

Google Signals, an analytics feature, enables cross-device reporting and remarketing by integrating with Google Analytics. It helps you understand how users interact with your website across multiple devices and sessions.

Connect your Google Signals to GA4 to provide cross-device reporting and remarketing of your website. Learn more about Google Signals here.

  1. Click the “Action” arrow to the right, then Manage Google Signals
  2. Open User Data Collection Acknowledgement, and click I acknowledge
  3. Under Google signals data collection, and click Get Started
  4. After reviewing the Google signals, click Continue
  5. Click Activate

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Setup Conversions

In GA4, an event is any action taken on the website. You can mark an event that is important to your business as a conversion. The primary way to measure a Google Analytics conversion is to create or identify an event that measures the important user interaction and then mark that event as a conversion.

Along with the data created automatically when you use GA4, Real Geeks has created the following 5 events for you: 

Events Definition
Sign Up Form Displayed a user visited the website and was prompted to sign up
Sign Up Form Submitted a user visited the website and gave you their contact information
Contact Form Submitted a user submitted a form from the website to contact you
Valuation Form Displayed a user visited the home valuation tool
Valuation Form Submitted a new lead has signed up through the Home Valuation tool

Please Note

You will need to mark any important events as conversions in order to utilize this data properly. Failing to do so could cause your site to incorrectly measure user data properly, and can cause issues with retargeting your website users.  

How to Mark Events as Conversions

  1. Visit
  2. Click Events (left column)
  3. Use the switch on the right to mark events as conversions

Mark the events as "conversions" to track the default events Real Geeks makes for you



Please note that these conversions can take anywhere up to 24-48 hours to appear in GA4


Define Audiences

Audiences are groups of users who share specific user attributes such as age, location, and interests. To market to specific groups of users, define your audience in Google Ads. For more information, see Create, edit, and archive audiences.

  1. Click the “Action” arrow to the right, and click Manage audiences
  2. Click New Audience to create a new custom audience

Please refer to Google’s guide for creating audiences.

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Manage Users

As an administrator, you can manage users in your Google Analytics 4 property by adding, removing, and modifying them.

You can also create, remove, and modify user groups to simplify the process of aligning users, organizational structures, and permissions.

  1. Click the Action Arrow to the right, and click Manage Users
  2. Click the Plus (+) sign
  3. Click Add Users
  4. Enter your user’s email address. This email must be a valid gmail address
    • optional choice to notify the new user via email
  5. Establish your user’s permission levels with the Direct roles and data restrictions
  6. Click Add

For Large Teams:

Automatically migrate large groups of users in bulk from your Google UA account to GA4 with the User Migration Tool.

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Link to Google Ads

Connect your Google Ads and GA4 account to utilize analytic data. Access your GA4 audiences to run ads that target recently-visited users on your website, view Google Ad campaigns in your analytics account, and bid on GA4 conversions.

  1. Click the “Action” arrow to the right, and click Manage Google Ads links
  2. Click Link
  3. Click Choose Google Ads accounts to select your preferred Google Ads account,
  4. Click Confirm
  5. Click Next
  6. Follow and complete the prompts to adjust any settings if necessary.
    • Google recommends leaving the default settings enabled
  7. Click Submit to officially connect your Google Ads account

Learn more about linking your GA4 account to Google Ads.

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Bid on GA4 Conversions

After you have set up conversions in GA4, you can export your conversion events to Google Ads. This will help you report on campaign performance and make decisions for manual or Smart bidding to optimize your campaigns.

If you plan to migrate from the old Google UA model, Check the Google Ads - Conversions page to determine if there are any conversions currently set to "Website (Google Analytics (UA))". You may need to create manually re-create a GA4 version of any such conversions.

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Target ads to GA4 audiences

Retarget website users in your Google Ads by making your GA4 Audiences available. Before you can do this, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts
  2. Keep the default option as "Enable Personalized Advertising"
  3. Turn on Google Signals

If you plan to leverage any audiences from your UA account, you may need to recreate these audiences. You can also leverage the free Migrator tool to move audiences to GA4 in bulk.

Remember to mark this step as completed in your Setup Assistant to track your progress!


Optional: Migrator Tool from UA to GA4

The GA4 Migrator is a free Google Sheet add-on that simplifies the migration of your Google Universal Analytic’s user permissions, audience data, and automated settings into into the new GA4 analytics model.

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