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Utilize the Real Geeks Live Chat Templates to communicate with leads in real-time while they browse your website. This gives you another window to communicate with leads, share resources, and answer lead questions while they browse more of your website. Create your own message, or access our custom message library! Learn more about your Live Chat feature.

Create a Template

  1. Go to Live Chats in the CRM
  2. Click Create New
  3. In the Name field, give your template a name so you can easily find it later
  4. Select Your Message Type
    • Choose Standard Message for a message that you can send yourself
    • Select Automated Welcome to create a message that will appear on your website to greet your lead
    • Select Unavailable Responder to send a custom message when a lead messages you out of your chat office hours. Learn more about establishing Live Chat office hours.
  5. Type your message to the lead in the Message field
  6. Click Save

Access the Template Library

All of our templates (Text, Email, and Live Chat) come with library of pre-written messages that can be used at any time, for free! Lookout for the Library button to access the list of templates.

  1. Go to your Templates page in the CRM
  2. Click the Library button at the top right of the page
  3. Preview the messages, then click Add or Add & Edit
    • Click Add to use the message as-written
    • Click Add & Edit to personalize the message. Include images and videos to prompt even more engagement!

How To Use Chat Templates

  1. Open your CRM
  2. Identify your lead, then click Chat
  3. Click the Message Templates icon
  4. Click the Name of your message template
  5. Click Send

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