Saved Searches



Send Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly emails to keep your leads up-to-date with the "newest" active listings from your MLS board. 

After saving a Saved Search, your leads will receive automated daily, weekly, or monthly email updates regarding the properties that match the chosen search criteria. 

Perfect for Buyers!

Steps to Save a Search for Leads

  1. Visit your CRM
  2. Click Leads > Leads List
  3. Select a lead
    • Search your lead's name with the CRM search tool, or filter your leads to identify leads by category.
  4. On the right, click Saved Searches

  5. Click Add+
  6. Click New Property Search
  7. Enter search details that match your lead's interests, then click Search
  8. Click Save Search
  9. Name the search, then choose your update email's Frequency
    • Name will be seen by your client, so we recommend making this descriptive to make it easier to identify searches! Experts suggest adding the location name and price or beds/baths
    • Example: 2+ Bed Homes in San Diego OR Homes in San Diego: $700k - $900k
  10. Click Save 

Best Practices

  • Leverage your lead's activity history to build a list of relevant listings to provide them with updates on any homes that your lead loves! Pay close attention to properties favorited by the lead, or homes they return to often
  • Want to send your lead a list of hand-picked listings? Use your website's MLS Number Search to identify specific listings available through your MLS, and keep your lead updated on changes to this list. You can quickly edit this search to add or remove listings from their custom lists
  • After creating a new search for your client, notify your lead! Even just a quick message like: "Hey NAME, I set you up on a search using my website! Take a look and let me know if what changes need to be made." text message can help!


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