Super Saved Search


The Super Saved Search feature provides access to additional MLS data for creating highly specific searches, ideal for leads who require more detailed information. This feature can be used to initiate more in-depth conversations with leads and create the search together.

After saving a Super Saved Search, your leads will receive automated daily, weekly, or monthly email updates regarding the properties that match the chosen search criteria. 

Steps to Create a Super Saved Search

  1. Visit your CRM
  2. Click Leads > Leads List
  3. Select a lead
    • Search your lead's name with the CRM search tool, or filter your leads to identify leads by category.
  4. Select Add Saved Search
  5. Click Log in as User
  6. Click Create Super Saved Search at the top of the page


  7. Use the available criteria to create a search using your lead's property interests


  8. Use the Sort By to organize how the listings are displayed for your lead
  9. Click Create Search
  10. Click Yes to Confirm

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