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Traffic Blaster is the perfect solution for busy real estate agents who want to generate new leads on their website with a low-cost, low-commitment approach. With AI-optimized ad content and budget allocation, Traffic Blaster generates Google ads that are tailored to your target audience.

This hands-off marketing approach allows you to use more of your time engaging your new leads, instead of spending your time creating and optimizing campaign settings. Let the Real Geeks Traffic Blaster  generate leads for you, so you can focus on what you do best - closing deals.

Start Generating Ads with Traffic Blaster!


What is Traffic Blaster?

Traffic Blaster is a Real Geeks service where we will automate the lead generation process for your business. Complete the form and our Geek Software will start creating ads that cater to your target location and audiences. These ads are generated with 13+ years of real estate marketing experience.

Please Note: this service primarily targets Buyer leads. To have our management team run Seller leads, check out our Real Leads Managed Marketing program!

This means you get to generate the leads you want, without any of the work!

How Does Traffic Blaster Work?

Traffic Blaster is a “hands-off” lead generation option for agents that either don’t have enough time to plan, create, and optimize their advertising, or are trying to save on their ad-spend budget. The ads generated for you implement the latest technology and over a decade’s worth of marketing experience to maximize your web traffic.

In short: We generate the leads, you generate the deals!

What’s the Cost?

Real Geeks wants to provide a low-cost entry to lead generation. At only $300 per month (plus a prorated amount for the partial month prior to your next billing date), it’s the best deal for high-quality lead generation.

Traffic Blaster Cost

Price: $300 / month

Duration: Minimum 3 months*

* After 3 months, the plan will renew automatically on a month-to-month basis unless cancelled.


How to Get Started

Getting started with Traffic Blaster is a breeze! Visit the Traffic Blaster sign up page and select the four locations you want to target within your market. After agreeing to the tool’s Terms & Conditions, Traffic Blaster will get ads going within 2 business day!

How to View Your Traffic Blaster Leads

Leads that are generated from Traffic Blaster get the best response rate when they're engaged early & often! That's why we made it easy to identify the leads that are generated for you through Traffic Blaster! 

To view your Traffic Blaster Leads:

  1. Go to the CRM Leads List page
  2. Click Traffic Blaster


Take your Marketing to the Next Level!

Are you ready to take your lead generation to the next level? Real Geeks offers more opportunities with our Real Leads Managed Marketing. Try a higher ad budget, increase customization options, and gain the option to work with a dedicated expert marketer – you'll have even more choices to generate the leads you want in the markets you want.

Learn more about Real Leads on our website!


  • How long is the commitment period for running a Traffic Blaster campaign?
    • The Traffic Blaster program requires a minimum 3-full-month commitment that starts from your next bill date. Because your ad campaign will be created and running after your signup is processed, an initial pro-rated charge will be issued at the time of signup to cover the period between signup and your next monthly platform bill date.
  • How many areas can I choose to market?
    • Traffic Blaster helps you generate business for 4 locations within your market! We've found that 4 areas is an optimal amount of variety to help you target more opportunities around your market. 
  • Can I run my own ads along with Traffic Blaster?
    • You can not run additional Google PPC marketing alongside Traffic Blaster as this would be a violation of Google's Unfair Advantage Policy. You can utilize other means of lead generation not through Google Ads. 
  • Can I leave my contract early?
    • Traffic Blaster is a minimum 3-month commitment, with no early-termination option. You must complete the 3-month requirement, per the Terms of Service for the Traffic Blaster.
  • Can I edit or view the ad being generated for me?
    • No. This method of lead generation is, by design, meant to be “hands off”. In order to have more customization requests on the ads that are run for you, check out the next step in Real Geeks Marketing: Real Leads!
  • How can I track leads generated from Traffic Blaster?
    • Leads that sign up through your Traffic Blaster ads will be assigned with a System Source, called Traffic Blaster. This source is a simple way to identify your leads. Learn how to identify your Traffic Blaster leads here. (Page under Construction)
  • How many areas can I target with my ads?
    • Traffic Blaster campaigns are set to target 4 areas within your market.
  • Can I choose which areas my ads target?
    • Yes! During the signup process, you'll be able to select which 4 areas your Traffic Blaster campaign will target.
  • Can I change my target areas later?
    • Once the signup process is complete, targeted areas cannot be changed. In order to switch areas, a new Traffic Blaster campaign will have to be created after the minimum 3-full-month commitment period.
  • Will I receive reports on the performance of my ad campaign?
    • Curated reporting and the option to make changes to campaign set-up are part of our full-service hands-on Real Leads program. Traffic Blaster is an automated quick-start ad campaign program and so does not include these additional services
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