CRM Agent Activity


Your Agent Activity page provides a detailed qualitative breakdown of the actions conducted by CRM users (ie. who performed what kind of activity, and when/where it was performed). This page automatically updates as activities are performed in your CRM to help keep you or your team accountable.


Accessing Agent Activity

To view your Agent Activity page:

  1. Open your CRM
  2. Open the Dashboard option in your CRM navigation menu
  3. Select Agent Activity


Using Agent Activity

CRM owners, admins, and team leaders can use the Agent Activity page to review all CRM activities performed by all CRM users. Agent and lenders can use the Agent Activity page to view a detailed list of all CRM activities they've performed.

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Each CRM activity listed on the Agent Activity page will include:

  1. Name of the agent who performed the activity
  2. Kind of activity performed
  3. What type of contact the activity was performed on *
  4. Name of the contact the activity was performed on
  5. Date and time the activity was performed

* This information is pulled from the Type field on the contact's Lead Detail Page. For contacts with "None" selected in the Type field, their type will be displayed as "Lead" on the Agent Activity page. Learn more about updating a contact's Type.


Agent Activity.gif

Click on a listed activity to view the contact the activity was performed on.


Filter Agent Activity.gif

Filter Agent Activity by CRM user with the User dropdown menu. 

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