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Create a custom Landing Page for your website's Content Pages and use a Custom Capture Form to require registration for valuable resources such as videos, PDFs, or images.


How to Create a Custom Capture Form

  1. Visit your Website Editor
    • Add /admin to the end of your website's domain name (Example:
  2. Select Custom Sign Up Forms under Emails & Sign Up Form

  3. Click Add Content Page Capture Form Configuration
  4. Fill out all available fields to personalize the sign up form that is presented to your leads.

    Capture Form Definitions
    Internal name of the capture form. Used to identify capture forms used on your website

    Choose one of your CRM's sources to assign to this lead. Leads will automatically be assigned with this source when they sign up on your website.

    This can help you trigger Workflows to automatically send messages to leads, or organize leads with the same source using custom Lead Filters in your CRM

    Source Override
    (optional) create a custom source instead by typing in the source you want to assign your leads when they're added to the CRM

    Add your personal branding to your capture form, or upload a unique image. The image size requirement for this image is 43x200 px

    Add an attention-grabbing title to entice your leads to sign up with the capture form

    Include additional context to the page, and further sell yourself or your content to entice leads to sign up

    Enable Facebook Login
    (optional) allow leads to use their facebook account information to sign up on your website.

    Capture Form Fields
    Select the data you want to be required on your capture form. Email cannot be unselected

    Button Text
    Customize the Call to Action (CTA) on your ad by customizing the button leads click to complete their registration

    Apply additional information or branding resource on your capture form

    Choose a Background Image
    Customize the image that blocks your lead's view of your page content and personalize the lead capture experience for your page
    This is only available for the Miranda, Miranda-Thin, or Molly website Design Templates.
  5. Click Save when completed


How to Apply a Capture Form to a Page

After creating a custom form to capture your lead contact information, you will need to assign the form to your Content Page.

  1. Go to your website editor ( and click Content Page

  2. Select your existing page, or create a new page with the Add Content Page button in the top-right corner
  3. Click Show next to Capture Form Options

  4. Select your Capture Form's name in the Capture Form dropdown menu

  5. Enable the form by placing a checkmark next to Require Capture
  6. (optional) Use the Lead Capture Search to set up a Saved Search of listings for your leads to begin receiving automated property update emails to help leads engage on your website

  7. Opt to send your website' default autoresponder email. This is the default email that is delivered to all leads that sign up on your website. 

  8. Click Save

Testing Your Capture Form

Before promoting this content, try giving it a "test drive" to make sure that the capture form is working as intended!

Click into your Content Page, then click View on Website in the top-right corner.

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