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Lead Advanced Search Filters

The Lead Manager's advanced search is a tool used to filter and organize leads for the purposes of organization, exporting, and client information analysis. The primary benefit of doing these filters is that they can be saved and accessed/edited again later at a glance from the top of your Leads list.

Creating a search:

The first step to creating a filter is specifying criteria for it. Begin on your Leads tab on the top right by clicking, "Advanced Search". This will expand the advanced search search bar. The options dropdown on the left includes the possible criteria you might want to use for a given search. The first option you should see is "Address".

The second dropdown is a conditional field that changes depending on the first option you selected. (bold) The options that are in the second dropdown and whether or not the write-in field is present are dependent on the previous options selected.(unbold)

Criteria Options:
- Address: The given address of a lead.
- Area: The area a lead performed their search in.
- Assigned agent: The agent currently assigned to a lead.
- Average property price: The average price of houses the lead has viewed.
- Bad email: Whether or not the e-mail of a user was flagged as wrong by our system
- Email: The e-mail address of a lead.
- Follow-up scheduled: When the next follow up is to occur.
- Last active date: Last date where a user was active on their account.
- Last communication date: Last date where messages were sent or received from the user.
- Last favorited property date: Last date where a user favorited a property.
- Last property valuation date: Last date where a user performed a property evaluation.
- Last shared property via email date: Last time a user sent a property via e-mail.
- Name: Name of a user.
- New lead: Whether or not a lead has had action taken on their profile.
- Phone: The phone number of a lead.
- Property location: The areas a lead has favorites/viewed properties in.
- Property type: The types of properties a lead has looked at.
- Source: The source of a lead. Has a list of all existing sources in your lead manager.
- Start date: The date a lead was created on your lead manager.
- Status: The status assigned to a lead by an admin or their agent.
- Tags: Whether or not a lead was tagged with a specified tag.
- Timeframe: When the lead would like to buy/sell as specified by their agent.
- Type: Whether the lead is a buyer, seller, both, or a renter
- Urgency: How ready the lead is to take action with their agent.
- Wrong number: Whether or not their phone number was flagged as wrong by an agent. After adding criteria you can still change them by removing and adding them again.

Deleting Saved Filters:

To erase a filter simply select it from the button that appears for it when you save it. A red "X" button should show up on it - this deletes the filter.
Screen_Shot_2019-06-05_at_12.30.19_PM.png Searches cannot currently be edited once saved and will need to be remade to be changed.

Exporting, Managing Leads Based On Filters:

If you use other CRMs or, for example, have specific types of users that you want to send to one agent (by area, lead type, etc) then you can use the batch options located in the upper right of the lead page. This performs an action on the entire search at a time.

If connected, this also allows you to "Export" your leads to certain CRMs. See Mailchimp for example.

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