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Import leads from your Google Contacts with just a few clicks of your mouse. This quick and easy method allows agents to upload a network of contacts to your Real Geeks CRM. This process will create an account for each person on your Real Geeks website, making it convenient for leads to log in and start searching for properties using your website.

Tips from the Geeks

After importing your contacts, you can send a Mass Email (eBlast) to your network with a link to your new website. The eBlast tool helps agents connect with more of their network, in less time, and promote their website to help agents farm more opportunities within their existing databases





  1. Go to the Real Geeks CRM Leads Page

  2. In the Navigation to the left, click Import

  3. Select Google Contacts

That’s all! You will be asked to allow some Google permissions, then the tool will begin importing leads from Google Contacts. This process may take a few minutes, depending on how many contacts you have.


Import Summary

Once the import is finished, agents will receive a summary of the results. This will provide a total count of leads that were uploaded successfully.

Leads may also be rejected from the import. An error message will be displayed, indicating the reason for the rejection. The rejected lead’s contact information can be updated in Google Contacts, then a second import can be performed to upload the updated leads.


Identify Imported Leads

Leads that are imported through Google Contacts will be assigned a custom Source called Google Contact Import. This feature will distinguish Google contacts from other leads in the CRM.

Use this label to identify all of the Google Contact Leads



What if a lead from Google Contacts is already in the CRM?

Real Geeks prevents duplicate leads by checking the lead's email during contact import. The import tool filters through the CRM to identify leads with existing email addresses, rejecting them to avoid duplicates. Phone numbers are not used to identify duplicate leads.

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