Header Image Overview



The Header Image of your website is a big picture or video that grabs attention and sets the tone for the webpage. It shows the website's theme or message and makes a visually appealing introduction to the content of the website.


When selecting a header image, it is recommended to avoid using images that contain text or faces of people. These types of images may get cropped or cause confusion for potential leads.

How to Update the Header Image

To locate the Header Image setting, follow these steps:

      1. To access the Website Editor page of your website, add "/admin" to the end of your website URL (e.g., www.website.com/admin)
      2. Navigate to the Settings section
      3. Select the Template Options Tab
      4. Use the Header Image setting


Click Open Gallery to browse our image and video library to use on your website. Click Pick Image or Video to upload a custom image or video



If you don't have the perfect image or video, you can visit www.unsplash.com or www.pexels.com. These websites allow you to download high-quality, copyright-free images that can be used for your website at no cost!

Header Image Size Requirements

Using the right-sized image for your website is important to have the highest-possible quality image for your website. An image that is below the image requirement may appear grainy or distorted, which would not look as professional.

The size of the image depends on the template your website is utilizing. You can view (and edit) what template your website is using in the Website Design Editor (www.website.com/admin), then click Design Editor.

Image Sizes by Template:

2200 x 600
2200 x 800
2200 x 550
2200 x 720
1100 x 720


Video Header Image

Use a video as the background for your website, to provide a modern look to the website. Here are some basic details about the Header Video:

  • This feature is for visual purposes only. No audio is played from the video.
  • The video file size should be 8mb or less
    • A video compressor can be used to decrease your video size to fit these requirements. There are many that can be used for free on Google.

Header Image Best Practices

  • A photo that looks good on the desktop view of your website may not look the same on a tablet or mobile device. Make sure to design with Mobile in mind!
  • Avoid using images that have text or people’s faces on them. The image may be cropped or resized, depending on the browser the lead views your website from.
  • When choosing an image for your real estate website, experts recommend the following:
    • Attractive images of homes in the areas
    • Local landmarks or architecture
    • Aerial views of the area’s landscape or skyline



Can I create a slideshow of images?

Yes! This can be done by saving your custom slideshow as a video (MP4) file, then upload the video to your website.

Why does my image look grainy/stretched?

This occurs when the image does not meet the recommended image requirements. Additionally, if an image is significantly enlarged, it can result in a decrease in image quality. For instance, if an image that is originally sized at 500 x 500 pixels is scaled up to fit the requirements of an Anna template website (2200 x 500), the image may not retain its original quality. If possible, it is recommended to use a larger image then reduce its size to fit the image size requirements.

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