How to Create an Agent Profile Page


Create an agent profile page on your website to showcase your team’s listed properties, client testimonials, and comprehensive biographies. These pages offer a platform for agents to engage with potential leads and spark interest in their real estate services.

Create a New Agent Page

  1. Visit your Website Editor. You can do this by adding "/admin" to the end of your website URL (e.g.,**/admin**)
  2. Click Content Page
  3. Click Add Content Page
  4. Enter your page details (Title, Meta Description, Anchor Text, etc…)
  5. Under Page Content, change the page Template to Agent Detail Page
  6. Add the agent bio to the Content area of the page
  7. Enter your agent’s information in the appropriate fields (Address, Email, Agent Name, etc…)

Add Agent Listings to the Page

  1. Click Show next to Property Display Search Options
  2. Click Create Search
  3. Click Agent ID. This will automatically display any listings tied to your MLS membership

    Please Note

    Need assistance identifying your Agent ID? Please email with the MLS number of an active listing

  4. Select your Agent ID then click Create Search
  5. After confirming the results, click Yes to add the listings to the page

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page to apply the changes


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