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Use your Lead Manager to create, share, and monitor transaction agreements with potential clients. Thanks to a partnership with the Real Estate Transaction platform Skyslope, agents can now deliver tailored agreements to potential clients more efficiently.

Please Note

To utilize this feature, Real Geeks users must create a free Skyslope account. This grants Real Geeks users access to Skyslope's Form and Digital Signature services at no additional cost.

A subscription to Skyslope is required to access their additional suite of transaction management tools.


How to Send Agreements to Clients

Go to your lead’s profile in the Lead Manager and click Send Agreement - This is found next to your lead communication tools, at the top of the page. This will open a window to Skyslope’s Form Management tool.

During your first time using this agreement tool, you will be prompted to create a free Skyslope account to manage your agreements.

During this process, you will be prompted to personalize your account by adding your MLS Board, and providing your NAR Member ID. This will make it easier to access your board’s agreements and data.

Create a File

Click + Create to initiate a new file for your client. The file feature is where you can manage your representation by client or by property. You can create a new file for every client to organize your agreements with your database.

Establish your representation as a buyer or seller, enter your client’s contact information, and identify the property. Click Import MLS Data to automatically fill out the property data, or enter the data manually.

You can identify the file by the property address, the name of the client, or by manually entering a custom name.

Add Forms

After creating your client file, you can add forms for your client to complete. Click Add Form to use your MLS board’s association library. This will give you access to your board’s official agreement list of documents to share with your client.

Choose "Upload Documents" to manually upload your agreement forms for customer completion. This allows agents, who can't connect to their MLS through Skyslope, to manage their agreements with clients at any time.

After adding your MLS forms or uploading a custom file, you can use digital signing technology to select your files and fill them out on your client’s behalf.

Please Note

After filling in the important information, you can save your forms as a template. This will save the document with the appropriate edits to streamline this process for future interactions with clients.

After inputting important details to your agreement form, you can save the form as a template. This will save the document to your Skyslope account to share the form with future clients, saving you time.

Request Signature

After personalizing the document for your client, click Prepare Signature to prepare your documents to be shared with the appropriate parties for their signature.

This action will create an Envelope in your client's file, containing all the documents sent for signature. It allows you to track the progress of these documents. You can assign actions to each individual associated with the file, such as requiring a signature or sending someone a form to review.


Access Your MLS Board’s Agreement Library

SkySlope is partnering with MLS boards across North America to provide agents with access to a collection of agreements. This partnership makes it easier for agents to use officially licensed agreements with their clients.

On your initial visit to the system, you will be prompted to link your MLS board library to SkySlope.

To add your MLS Board’s agreement library to your account:

  1. Click your profile name in the top-right corner
  2. Select Libraries
  3. Use the Search tool to find your MLS board’s library

Some MLS boards may not make their agreement library accessible to use in Skyslope. You can reach out to your MLS association, or you can use the Upload Document feature to upload a custom form to Skyslope.

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  • Why did I receive a notice that my “free access to SkySlope DigiSign is coming to an end” announcement when using Skyslope?
  • Who has access to Send Agreements through Real Geeks?
    • Real Geeks users, regardless of their permissions, can use this feature to send documentation agreements to their clients.
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