Launching Your Website


Launching your website is crucial for making it accessible to the public and establishing credibility for your business's brand. This process involves updating your domain's DNS Nameservers to direct users to your Real Geeks website.

Follow these instructions to make the necessary adjustments to your website, so you can start generating new leads and attracting potential clients to your real estate business.

Before Launching The Site

Ask yourself the following questions before launching the website on your own:

Do you Have MLS Approval?   Do you use a Domain Email?

Before you can promote your MLS data to the public, we will need to get permission to display their data on your website.

Failure to obtain proper approval before launching the website could result in a fine from your MLS.

Contact for questions about your approval status!


This is an email that matches your domain name (i.e:

If yes, your email may go down if you do not notify support.

Contact us at so we can make sure that we are using the correct MX Records for your email service.


Real Geeks recommends avoiding these changes overnight or over the weekend, as our support team will not be available to finalize the changes. Contact Support once you have completed the changes below.

How To: Launch your Website

To make your website public, you need to complete some technical steps. The instructions below will help you with each step.

If you need more help, you can contact our support team at

Step 1: Purchase a Domain Name

In order to build your own website, you need a domain name to promote it. This is the URL address that people type in to browsers to find your website . If you don’t already own one, check out our guide to choosing the right domain name for you!

Step 2: Update Nameservers

To connect your domain name to the website, you will need to update your domain’s Nameservers. Please contact your domain registrar for instructions to complete this.

Add the Following Nameservers:

Guides for Common Domain Registrars:




Google Domains


Step 3: Confirm with Support

Once you have updated your nameservers, you will need to contact support so we can make the necessary changes on our end to push your site live.

Please Note:

Although Nameserver changes can sometimes take up to 48 hours, many agents can view their websites in minutes. Your team will still be able to access the CRM and Developer Website at this time

Please notify us at if your website is not available after 24 hours.


What are MX Records?

MX stands for mail exchanger. MX records specify the mail server that will receive and send emails through your domain.

This record is required to be set up if you wish to continue receiving emails at your domain. Generally, we can copy the records from your previous name servers but only before you've made the switch. Contact your Email Provider to learn how to obtain this information.

If you do not currently receive email at the domain but you would like to, we recommend you Set Up Google Apps.

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