Pushing Live


Before You Go Live

Please avoid making these changes overnight or over the weekend, as the support team will not be available to finalize the changes.

FIRST, Are you approved?

We will need to receive approval from your MLS. If you had already submitted the approval forms to your MLS, please contact support and we will check if we received a confirmation email from them. If we didn't receive one, please check with your MLS regarding the status of approval.

SECOND, are you using email as your domain name? If so, YOUR EMAIL WILL GO DOWN IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US.

Contact Support if you will be using email through the domain name we are hosting.

  • For example, if your site with RealGeeks is yourdomain.com and your email address is me@yourdomain.com, you will need to contact us to set up your MX records.

What Are MX Records?

MX stands for mail exchanger. MX records specify the mail server that will receive and send emails through your domain.

This record is required to be set up if you wish to continue receiving emails at your domain. Generally, we can copy the records from your previous name servers but only before you've made the switch. Contact your Email Provider to learn how to obtain this information.

If you do not currently receive email at the domain but you would like to, we recommend you Set Up Google Apps.

Taking Your Site Live

Pushing a site live consists of setting all four of your site's name servers to ours:

  • ns1.rgnameserver.com
  • ns2.rgnameserver.com
  • ns3.rgnameserver.com
  • ns4.rgnameserver.com

Changing Name Servers

Changing name servers is something you must do to take your site live. You do this through your domain registrar. Please contact your domain registrar for instructions, as this is something we cannot assist you with.

Here are a few guides for common registrars:

Once your site is live, all administrative users should access your site backend from yourdomain.com/admin. You may still have access to your development site, yourdomain.realgeeks.com, however, you should discontinue its use as the development site will eventually be taken down as part of a routine clean-up.

Final Step: Contact Support

Once you have changed your nameservers, you will need to contact support so that we can make the necessary changes on our end to push your site live.

Please note that these changes may take up to 24 hours to propagate.This is something we have no control over. If your site isn't live 24 hours after you have changed the nameservers, please reach out to us at support.

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