Buyer Leads List


Buyer Leads List

The Buyer Lead's List is intended as a tool for Seller agents to help sell themselves to a potential seller lead. The idea is to pull up this list and show that potential seller how many Buyer Leads your company has looking in the seller's area.

If the Seller's agent is visiting with a lead, they can simply pull up this list, doing any additional filtering they wish, using the CRM's search and scroll through all the Buyer leads existing in the system. All these leads will be secure as we do not display any contact information and they are only designated by First name and Last initial. All previous permission-based security is in place where non-admin agents will not have access to click into or modify any lead that is not assigned to them.

Access to Buyer Leads List

To access this feature non-admin agents will need an admin to grant them access via permissions. After permission to this feature has been granted, simply head to your Lead's list page and click the arrow next to “All Leads”, “Full Leads”, etc and select “Buyers List”

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