Exporting Leads


Exporting Leads

Exporting leads is a feature controlled by your Site Admin. If you are wishing to use this feature, please contact your site admin to obtain the permissions to do so.

Our lead manager exports leads into a CSV file. This stores the lead's information in a structured table format which is great for use with Excel or Numbers. Your exported file will contain your leads contact information, source, notes, number of saved searches, last communication date and more. It will not contain the comprehensive list of activities the lead performed on your site.

Filtering Export

You are able to filter which leads are exported to your CSV file. You can do this two different ways:

1. Create an Advanced Search.

2. Check the boxes to the far right of the leads you wish to include in your export.

Note: If you skip this process, clicking the CSV button will automatically export your entire list of leads.

How to Export

After your permissions are set, you will see this button at the top right of your lead's screen:

To export your leads follow these steps:

1. Go to your “Leads” tab.

2. Either use the advanced search or check the leads from the list of leads.

3. Click on the CSV button.

4. Check your email and download the attachment.

Setting Permissions

If you are a site admin and would like to allow a particular agent to export leads, follow these steps to set their permissions:

1. In the Lead Manager, go to Agents.

2. Click on the agent for which you would like to set permissions.

3. Scroll down to Permissions.

4. Check off the box next to Export Leads.

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