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After clicking the Leads tab, you will be taken to the lead list page.

If you just logged in, the All saved search [1] is used automatically. If you've been logged in for a while and selected other saved searches, the most recent one will be used.

The search starts at page 1, and you can change pages by selecting from the Go to page [2] dropdown.

To download a csv of your leads, click the CSV [3] button and it will prompt you to make a decision of checking certain leads or downloading all of your leads.

To update more than one lead at a time, whether it's changing the Type, Tags, etc, you can do it here [4].

The Assign [5] button will bulk assign the checked leads to a specified agent/lender.

To use the Workflows - Drips [6] and eBlast [7] buttons, you will need to activate the email drip feature.

The Delete [8] button will show for admins and any agent who has permission to delete leads. To delete a lead, you would check the box to the right of the lead and press delete.

To create a new lead manually, click the New [9] button.

Initially, the leads are sorted by Start Date [10] in descending order (most recent first). The sort criteria can be changed by clicking on any of the other column headings, and the sort order can be changed by clicking a column header a second time.

Finding Leads

Under the Leads tab, there are tabs that will list your leads by Activity Today, All My Leads, My New Leads, New and Unassigned. These are handy for filtering different kinds of leads, for example, unassigned leads if you're an admin, or buyer and seller leads if you're an agent.

You can also search through the leads by entering terms into the search field on the right to perform a simple search. For complex searches, click Advanced Search to expand the advanced form. Here you can set up several search criteria by filling out the drop-downs and other fields and clicking the Search button, all on a single row of the advanced search form. You can create several links to saved searches by specifying criteria in the advanced search and saving it. Note: The criteria for a given row isn't added until you click that row's Search button.

Saving Searches

If you choose to save an advanced search, first, you'll be asked to name the search.

Then, a new saved search link will appear near the top of the page. This saved search will look and work like the default saved searches (such as New), except you can delete it by clicking its X.

Creating a Lead

Usually, leads are generated automatically by user activity on the site. You can, however, create a lead manually by clicking the New Lead button from the Dashboard or the New button from the Leads tabs. This takes you to a lead creation form, with required fields marked with asterisks. Fill this form out to your satisfaction, then click Save to create the lead. If you're an admin, you may now assign it to someone.

Importing Leads in Bulk

Sometimes you will have the need to add more than one or a large number of leads to the Lead Manager. Maybe you are bringing over your existing client list, or collected a lot of contacts at an Open House. Whatever the reason you can accomplish this with our Bulk Import Tool. Simply follow the instructions, you will download our template CSV file and copy over your existing leads in the correct format using a spreadsheet program like Excel or Numbers. The Bulk Import tool can also be navigated to via the New Lead Page.

To learn how to import your lead, click here.

Lead Assignment

Discussed here.

Lead Details

A lead is a potential customer and his contact information [1] (and possibly information about a secondary contact [2]), details on the sort of home he'd like to buy or sell [3], and information about the transaction [4]. Login as your lead to view/add saved searches [5].


You can schedule follow-ups right from the Lead Detail page. Click the Schedule Follow-up under the lead's main details. Then fill in the fields and click Save. Here is an example follow-up:

Notice how a reminder will be sent to the user assigned to the lead. The user assigned to the lead is indicated in the drop-down labeled User.

Upcoming follow-ups are listed in the Dashboard tab. Completed follow-ups are recorded in just above Activity History on the Lead Detail page. Both completed and upcoming follow-ups are listed in the Calendar tab.


An activity can be one of a few different events relevant to a lead. The types of activities are:

  • automatic
    • search performed
    • saved search created
    • saved search removed
    • favorite property added
    • favorite property removed
    • user logged in
    • user visited site
    • contact emailed
    • property viewed
    • scheduled a showing
  • manual
    • called
    • left voicemail
    • bad number
    • emailed
    • met in person
    • made an offer
    • contract accepted
    • note

A lead needs to have an account in order to schedule a showing. If the lead doesn't have an account and clicks the “Schedule Showing” button on a property detail page, they need to fill out the sign up form first and then when they click it again and fill out the schedule, the activity will show up in the activity section of the lead's detail page.

The manual activity types can be created from the Lead Detail page. To do so, make sure the Activity tab is selected. Then fill in the three fields and click the Save button.

Previous activities for the lead in question are available under Activity History on the Lead Detail page. There is an Activity History search box, and the activities can be sorted by name or date.


The Email tab will have a list of the template emails you create in your “Settings” > “Templates” > “Template Emails”

The “Standard follow up email” is an example email template that was created.


The Workflow tab will have a list of the workflows you will create. This is only available if you have the drip feature activated (only after you have gone live!).


If you have the texting tool activated, you can use this tab for texting your lead. You can either open the text chat box or opt out the lead of texting. If you choose to opt the lead out, a pop up confirmation box will appear.


If you have a Bombbomb account, you can send your leads a bombbomb. To learn how to link your bombbomb account with your CRM, click here.

Interacting with leads

From the lead detail page, there are several ways of interacting with the person behind the lead. Obviously, you can use various bits of contact information attached to the lead. You can even send an email from the lead detail page by clicking the Email button.

It can also be useful to log in as a user, for example to create a saved search for him or to provide one-on-one support. This is done by click the Login As User button near the top right of the lead detail page.

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