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Property Update Emails

Saved searches allow leads to receive property update emails from RealGeeks. This is a great way to stay top of mind and get return traffic to your website!

When a lead signs up on your site, their search is automatically saved and the lead will begin to receive update emails based on the search results. You and the lead have the ability to later revisit this search and edit the search specifications and notification settings.

These emails do not support the editing of wordage. However, they will pull in the assigned agent's signature.

1. Login to and click on the Leads tab.
2. Click on the Lead's name. To find a specific lead, you may want to filter through an advanced search.

3. Click the “Login as user” button in the top right corner.

4. Press the “New Search” button on the right.

5. Refine your search and press search.
6. Press the “Save this Search” button above the search results.

Name the search and set the update email frequency. Then save.

Important notes about saved searches:

You will want to refine your search before using the Polygon Tool. Polygon Saved Searches can not be edited at this time.
If a lead has multiple saved searches, the property update emails will be combined only if the notifications are set to the same frequency.

If your lead is interested in having a saved search based on a field that is not on the advanced search, you can log into the lead's account from the CRM and save the search for them. Your leads will not be able to see the Super Saved Search so you will need to set it up for them.

Here is the full walkthrough:

Familiarize yourself with the Lead's Dashboard

1. Saved Searches

  1. Press View to view the current search settings.
  2. Press Edit to refine the search settings.
  3. Press Rename to name the search. Searches are otherwise named after the date saved.
  4. Adjust the notification frequencies.
  5. When the lead is no longer interested in the saved search, they can delete it.

Remember to save when adjusting searches.

2. Favorites

  • This tab will show you all of the leads current favorited properties.

NOTE: If an existing lead (or a user logged in as a lead) deletes all of the saved searches before saving a new search, a new welcome will be sent to the lead.

Why hasn't my lead received a property update email?

The lead's saved search might be too specific producing very narrow results. If this is the case, it is highly probably that none of the properties have had any update activity which would trigger the property update emails.

Please note that the leads will not receive a property update email the moment you save a search for them. They will receive an email in the following day(s), depending on the frequency set for the saved search. If you would like for them to receive an email regarding the current listings that matches the saved search criteria, you will need to manually send them an email with a link to the search results page.

The Property Update emails will only contain new listings going forward that matches their saved search criteria

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