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What is a Merge Field?

A Real Geeks "Merge Field" is a piece of information a you can put in an email, text or chat message that will automatically pull in information directly into the message. This helps you generate templates that can be used repeatedly without the need to manually insert information

How to Use Merge Fields

A Merge Field can be included in your email, text and chat templates with the Merge Field dropdown menu merge_fields.png or by copying/pasting the fields from your Merge Field list located in your template-creation location, or by using the Available Merge Fields below 



Once the message has been written up, and the Merge Fields have been included, the message can be sent, and will automatically pull in the appropriate information for that Merge Field (i.e. {{FIRST_NAME}} will pull in the lead's first name located in the CRM)


example of a merge field being used

Available Merge Fields

Here is a list of all of the available merge fields that can be utilized within the CRM OR in the Drip system 

Name of Field CRM Merge Field Drip Merge Field Description
Lead - Name {{NAME}} {{NAME}} The Lead's full name
Lead - First Name {{FIRST_NAME}} {{FIRST_NAME}} The Lead's first name
Lead - Last Name {{LAST_NAME}} {{LAST_NAME}} The Lead's last name
Lead - Email {{EMAIL}} {{EMAIL}} The Lead's email address
Lead - Phone {{PHONE}} The Lead's phone number
Lead - Login Here - Link {{LOGIN_LINK}} {{LEAD_LOGIN_HERE_LINK}} The Lead's automatic link to log in, displayed as “Login”
Lead - App Download Url {{APP_URL}} {{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}} The Lead's link to download the MoveTo app, displayed as “Download App”
Lead - Lead Download App - Link {{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}} {{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}} The Lead's link to download the MoveTo app, displayed as “Download App”
Lead - Lead Advanced Search - Link {{LEAD_ADVANCED_SEARCH_LINK}} {{LEAD_ADVANCED_SEARCH_LINK}} The link to your site's Advanced Search page, displayed as “Advanced Search”
Lead - Lead Sold Search - Link {{LEAD_SOLD_SEARCH_LINK}} {{LEAD_SOLD_SEARCH_LINK}} The link to your site's Sold Search page, displayed as “Sold Search”
Lead - Lead Market Report - Link {{LEAD_MARKET_REPORT_LINK}} {{LEAD_MARKET_REPORT_LINK}} The link to your site's Market Report Search page, displayed as “Market Report”
Agent - Full Name {{AGENT_NAME}} {{AGENT_NAME}} The sending Agent's full name
Agent - First Name {{AGENT_FIRST_NAME}} {{AGENT_FIRST_NAME}} The sending Agent's first name
Agent - Last Name {{AGENT_LAST_NAME}} {{AGENT_LAST_NAME}} The sending Agent's last name
Agent - Email {{AGENT_EMAIL}} {{AGENT_EMAIL}} The sending Agent's email address
Agent - Phone {{AGENT_PHONE}} {{AGENT_PHONE}} The sending Agent's phone number
Agent - Phone Office {{AGENT_PHONE_OFFICE}} {{AGENT_PHONE_OFFICE}} The sending Agent's office phone number
Agent - Phone Cell {{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}} {{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}} The sending Agent's cell phone number
Agent - Phone Home {{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}} {{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}} The sending Agent's home phone number
Agent - Email Signature {{AGENT_EMAIL_SIGNATURE}} {{AGENT_EMAIL_SIGNATURE}} The sending Agent's email signature
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