Merge Fields


Merge Fields are data placeholders that can automatically pull in specific data. These tools can include the lead's first and last name, display your phone number, or give leads in your CRM access to their account on your website. Using Merge Fields, you can craft custom messages for any scenario and engage with leads more efficiently.

How to Use Merge Fields

Use merge fields in your email, text and chat templates to automatically pull in lead, or agent, contact information. Merge fields can be copied from the list below, or you can use the list provided on your template page. 

In the example below, we sent a template message to a lead who has favorited a property on our website. We made this template to save us the time of hand-writing a message that we are likely to repeatedly use. With just a few clicks, the message can be sent to our lead. The message includes a {{FIRST_NAME}} merge field to welcome the lead and a {{AGENT_NAME}} merge field to add the appropriate agent's information as a text "signature."


These merge fields help you develop a unique message for any situation, share important resources on your Real Geeks website, or promote your contact information to ensure leads can reach you! Review the list below to see exactly what data can be introduced in your Real Geeks messages. 


Merge Fields List

Here is a list of all of the available merge fields that can be utilized within the CRM OR in the Drip system.

Field Name & Description CRM Merge Field Drip Merge Field
Agent - Phone:
Display assigned agent's primary phone #
Agent - Office Phone:
Display assigned agent's office phone #
Agent - Cell Phone: Display assigned agent's cell phone # {{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}} {{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}}
Agent - Home Phone: Display assigned agent's home phone # {{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}} {{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}}
Agent - Email Signature:
Display assigned agent's CRM email signature
Lead - Name:
Display Lead's Full Name
{{NAME}} {{NAME}}
Lead - First Name:
Display Lead's First Name
Lead - Last Name:
Display Lead's Last Name
Lead - Email:
Display Lead's email address
Lead - Phone:
Display lead's phone number
{{PHONE}} ---

Lead - Login Here Link:
lead-specific login link to your lead's account on your RG website

Lead - App Download URL:
Link to download website-specific mobile app. Learn more here.
Lead - Advanced Search Link:
Login your leads and take them to your website's Advanced Search Tool.
Lead - Sold Search Link: 
Login your leads and take them to your website's Sold Search.
Lead - Market Report Link:
Login your leads and take them to your website's Market Report tool. 
Agent - Full Name:
Display first + last name of lead's assigned agent
Agent - First Name:
Display assigned agent's first name
Agent - Last Name:
Display assigned agent's last name
Agent - Email:
Display assigned agent's email address
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