Agent Landing Pages


Agent Landing Pages

Agent Landing Pages are content pages that have the ability to override the assignment process and assign leads to a specific landing page based on the agent landing page that they arrive to the website through.

Important Notes about Agent Landing Pages

Agent Landing Pages work by setting a cookie in a visitor's browser. This cookie dictates the lead assignment process by assigning the lead to the specified agent.

However, it is important to know that this cookie can not be overwritten and does not expire. The only way to remove the cookie is through manual deletion. A lead could feasibly arrive on an Agent Landing Page, navigate away from the page and return to register a week later and still have assignment dictated by that original cookie.

It also means that subsequent Agent Landing Page visits will not overwrite the initial cookie, so assignment is always dictated by the first Agent Landing Page a visitor arrives on, as the cookie is never overwritten.

Creating Agent Landing Pages

Creating Agent Landing Pages is the same as Creating Content Pages with one new difference. The difference is that Agent Landing Pages allow for the selection of an Agent.

Agent Landing Pages have been added to the website's administrative backend, as part of the content section.

You are free to use any of the pre-existing page templates, just like how you can for a content or area page. Check out our documentation on Page Templates for descriptions on these templates.

Once the new Agent Landing Page is saved, and a new user arrives at an agent landing page and then signs up, the new lead will bypass the normal round robin assignment process. The new lead will be assigned directly to the agent and idle lead reassignment will not be applied.

Converting Content Pages to Agent Landing Pages

Another option when creating Agent Landing is converting existing Content pages. To convert an existing Content Page into an Agent Landing page:

  1. Go to the Content Page admin section for your site:
  2. Select the checkbox(s) next to the pages you would like to convert.
  3. Select the 'Convert selected pages to Agent Landing Pages' option in the Action dropdown as shown in this screenshot:

Once the conversion is complete, the converted pages will no longer appear in the Content Page admin. To view the newly converted pages, go to your site's Agent Landing Page admin:

Testing Agent Landing Pages

When testing Agent Landing Pages functionality, remember that the cookie is set on a permanent basis. Because of this, it is recommended to use a private mode such as Google Chrome's Incognito Mode or Firefox's Private Browsing Mode to run test sign-ups.

These modes will clear existing cookies in that particular session, allowing you a clean path to create a test lead. After the test lead is created, exit the private browsing mode as this will clear any cookies gained while in that mode.

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