Agent Landing Pages


Help your agents generate leads by creating a custom Agent Landing Page. Team Members can share their page with potential leads, and any traffic directed through it will be automatically assigned to the agent in the CRM.

Create Agent Landing Page

  1. To access the Website Editor page of your website, add "/admin" to the end of your website URL (e.g.,
  2. Click Content Pages w/ Agent Assign (Agent Landing Page)
  3. Click Add Agent Landing Page
  4. Use the Agent menu to select the agent assigned to this page
    • Leads that sign up through this page will be assigned to the chosen agent
    • This requires that the agent has already been added to the CRM. If you don’t see an agent’s name, add them to the CRM and come back.

  5. Complete your website customizations, then click Save

Convert a Content Page into an Agent Landing Page

The Content Pages on your website are a wonderful resource for educating users with agent content. Convert any Content page into an agent landing page to direct any traffic to the assigned agent.


Converting a content page into an agent landing page is a permanent action. Once the page has been converted, it cannot be changed back.

Steps to Convert Content Pages into Agent Landing Pages

  1. Go to home.realgeeks.comEdit Website
  2. Click Content Pages
  3. Select your pages using the checkboxes on the left
  4. In the Action menu, select Convert selected pages to Agent Landing Pages
  5. click Go
Convert any Content Pages in seconds with our page conversion tool!



How Does the Agent Landing Page work?
The Agent Landing Page places an agent-specific Browser Cookie in your user's browser when they visit the website. This allows leads to be assigned to a specific agent, and bypass the CRM's Default Lead Assignment setup. 
How do I know it's working?

You can test this agent landing page by sharing the page URL to a coworker, friend or family. Basically, anyone who has never seen the website before!

You can test this on yourself by opening the page in a browser you don’t use, or try viewing the page in Incognito/Private mode!

I tested it, but the lead wasn't assigned to me?

This happens when the lead has visited your website before. If a lead has seen any other page on your Real Geeks website, then they cannot be assigned to a specific agent.

This must be the lead’s first ever time seeing the website.

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