CRM Live Feed


Your CRM's Live Feed keeps you up-to-date on the most recent website and CRM activities performed, as well as any incoming communications from leads. View your Live Feed anytime from your CRM Dashboard.

Live Feed Activity

Your live feed will display individual activities that recently occurred on your website or in your CRM. Displayed activities include the following information:

  1. Lead online status (when green, the lead is actively browsing your website)
  2. Lead name
  3. Assigned agent
  4. Activity type
  5. Date and time of activity
  6. Activity details

CRM Live Feed Activity


Hover over an activity in your Live Feed to display your communication icons. Continue to hover over the icons to call, text, email, chat, log an activity, or create a follow-up for the lead.

CRM Live Feed Communication Icons


Live Feed Filters

Selecting the Filters button above your Live Feed will allow you to edit the scope of activities shown in your feed, as well as filter the type of activities displayed.

Adjust your Live Feed scope to view only activities from leads that are assigned to you (Mine) or activities from all leads within your company (Agents). This feature is only available to the CRM owner, admins, and team leaders.



Display only the activities you wish to keep up with by selecting or deselecting the filter checkboxes. Filter your Live Feed to include any or all of the following activity types.



Filter Name Activities Shown When Selected

New lead created in the CRM

Lead is assigned to an agent or lender


Incoming lead emails from your connected email account

Lead submits listing inquiry on your website

Lead submits tour request on your website

Lead performs a Home Valuation on your website

Workflow engagements

SMS/Chat Responses

Incoming text messages

Incoming website chats

Property Favorited

Lead adds a property as a favorite

Lead removes a property as a favorite  

Property Search

Lead performs a search on your website

Lead saves a search on your website

Lead removes a previously saved search

Lead performs a Market Report on your website

Lead saves a Market Report on your website

Lead removes a previously saved Market Report

Property Viewed

Lead views the details of a listing on your website

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