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Live Activity Feed

The live activity feed allows agents to keep up-to-date on what leads are currently doing on your website, any communication with you or your agents and any actions the Lead Manager may have automated on the leads. It is available on the Lead Manager's dashboard and everywhere else in the header bar.

Feed Pieces

Open the live activity feed by clicking on the 3 person icon.

There are three main parts to the live activity feed

  • Scope (admin only): Toggle between activities of your assigned leads and all leads in your system
  • Filter: Filter activities by type. This will only show and receive new activities related to the selected filter.
  • Activity: Displays information about an activity that recently occurred

Within an activity, there are four pieces of information.

  • Lead Name
  • Type
  • Date/time of activity
  • Description

Filtering Activities

The live activity feed allows you to display and receive certain activities based on their activity type. This can be accomplished by selecting any filter in the Filters select box.

Filters include:

  • All: every activity that originates from the lead
  • Email: Contact Emailed, Valuation Inquiry and BombBomb activities (email open and clicked and video played)
  • Text Responses: Received Text Message
  • Property Favorited: Added or removed
  • Property Search: Search Performed or Saved Search added or removed
  • Property Viewed

Feed Scoping

Toggle between viewing activities from leads that are assigned to you and activities from all leads within your company. This feature is only available to Administrators and Team Leaders. This works hand-in-hand with the filters as well. So an Admin can view all Property Searches done by any leads for the company.

Taking Action

Hover over an activity in your feed and you will see a group of buttons peek out from the bottom of the activity. Hover over this group to finish bringing them up. These buttons will give you the ability to Call, Text, Email or just create an activity for a lead.

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