How to use the advanced search filters in the Lead Manager


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What are Lead Manager's Advanced Search filters?

An Advanced Search filter allow you to limit the amount of leads that you see and makes it easier to navigate your database. This is particularly good for grouping your leads together in different categories, and organizing yourself for prospecting or lead reach out. 


example of a filter that only displays leads tagged with the "prospecting" tag

How to Create a New Filter

1. Go to the CRM Lead Tab (
2. Click "Advanced Search" advanced_search.png
3. Use the first dropdown menu to select your criteria
4. Use the center dropdown to select your logical identifier (Is, Is Not, Before, etc...)
5. Use the third field to select or enter in the "value" you're searching for 
6. Click "Add Filter"


Filtering leads based on a "Cold Call" lead source

Removing a Filter

After you have used the filter, you will want to make sure you want to remove your filter so you return to the default lead list view 

To do this you can:

a) Press the "All Leads" button at the top of the CRM Lead page all_leads.png
b) Click "Advanced Search" and press the small red "x" next to each applied filter


removing a filter to return to the normal lead view

Saving a Filter

Once a filter has been created:

1. Click "Save Search"
2. Enter the name you want to apply to your filter
3. Click "Ok"


Deleting a Saved Filter

To delete a saved CRM filter, click the small "x" in your saved filter tab



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