Using the CRM Advanced Filters



Use the CRM Advanced Filters to identify groups of leads in moments. This tool is designed for agents to prioritize "Hot" leads that require more immediate attention, manage new leads, or perform actions in bulk, like mass emails or bulk reassignment to another agent in the CRM. 

This is the driving factor that helps agents prioritize their leads, and spend more time with quality lead opportunities.


Create Advanced Filter

1. Go to the CRM Lead Tab (
2. Click "Advanced Search" advanced_search.png
3. Use the first dropdown menu to select your criteria
4. Use the center dropdown to select your logical identifier (Is, Is Not, Before, etc...)
5. Use the third field to select or enter in the "value" you're searching for 
6. Click "Add Filter"


Filtering leads based on a "Cold Call" lead source

Remove a Filter

After you have used the filter, you will want to make sure you want to remove your filter so you return to the default lead list view 

To do this you can:

a) Press the "All Leads" button at the top of the CRM Lead page all_leads.png
b) Click "Advanced Search" and press the small red "x" next to each applied filter


removing a filter to return to the normal lead view

Saving a Filter

Once a filter has been created:

1. Click "Save Search"
2. Enter the name you want to apply to your filter
3. Click "Ok"


Deleting a Saved Filter

To delete a saved CRM filter, click the small "x" in your saved filter tab



Advanced Filter Dictionary

  • Address: The given street address of a lead.
  • Agent pond: Whether or not a lead is in a pond for agent assignment.
  • Area: The area a lead performed their initial search.
  • Assigned agent: The agent currently assigned to a lead.
  • Assigned lender: The lender currently assigned to a lead.
  • Assigned to any agent: Whether or not a lead has any assigned agent.
  • Assigned to any lender: Whether or not a lead has any assigned lender.
  • Assigned to any pond: Whether or not a lead is in any pond.
  • Average property price: The average price of listings a lead has viewed.
  • Bad email: Whether or not the email address of a lead was flagged as bad.
  • Drip Campaign: Whether or not a lead is currently subscribed to a particular drip campaign/workflow.
  • Drip Campaign Count: The number of drip campaigns/workflows a lead is currently subscribed.
  • Email: The email address of a lead.
  • Follow-up scheduled: When the next follow-up is to occur.
  • Follow-up for user: The agent currently assigned to a lead's follow-up.
  • Has used app: Whether or not a lead has used the MoveTo app.
  • Important date label: The type of important date entered for a lead.
  • Important notes: Information entered in a lead's important notes field.
  • Last active date: Last date where a lead was active on their account.
  • Last communication date: Last date where emails/text messages were sent or received by the lead.
  • Last email update: Last date where an automatic market report or property update email was sent.
  • Last favorited property date: Last date where a lead favorited a property.
  • Last property valuation date: Last date where a lead performed a property evaluation.
  • Last shared property via email date: Last time a lead sent a property via email.
  • Lender pond: Whether or not a lead is in a pond for lender assignment.
  • Market Report Viewed: Last date where a lead viewed a market report.
  • Name: The name of a lead.
  • New lead: Whether or not a lead has had action taken on their profile by the assigned agent or lender.
  • New to: What user has a new flag for a lead.
  • Notes: Information entered as a note activity for a lead.
  • Phone: The phone number of a lead.
  • Postcard failed to send: Last date where a postcard failed to be sent.
  • Postcard sent: Last date where a postcard was successfully sent.
  • Property location: The areas a lead has favorites/viewed properties in.
  • Property type: The types of properties a lead has viewed.
  • Secondary contact: The name, phone, or email address of a lead's secondary contact.
  • Source: The source of a lead. Has a list of all existing sources in your lead manager.
  • Source details: The details of a lead's source.
  • Start date: The date a lead was created in the lead manager.
  • Status: The status assigned to a lead by an admin or their agent.
  • Tags: Whether or not a lead was marked with a specified tag.
  • Timeframe: When a lead would like to buy/sell as specified by their agent.
  • Tour requested: Whether a lead has asked to schedule a showing.
  • Type: Whether a lead is a buyer, seller, both, or a renter.
  • Urgency: How ready a lead is to take action with their agent.
  • Wrong number: Whether or not their phone number was flagged as wrong by a user.

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