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The MoveTo App was made for leads as a quick way to search properties on your site from their phone. The lead must have an account in the CRM to access.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices

Set the access banner for your leads

Go to your site's backend: <yoursite>.com/admin

Scroll down to “Site Settings”.

Find the “Mobile” tab.

From this screen, you can set who can access the app.

  • Enabled - Only for Logged in Users = This will show the app banner for the leads that are logged into your website.
  • Enabled - For All Visitors = This will show the app banner for anyone on a mobile device.
  • Disabled - This setting will remove the banner from your website completely.
  • The default setting is set for “Enabled - Only for Logged in Users”.

From your phone, open a web browser

If you would like to try testing out the app as well, you must have an account as a lead in the CRM to access. You will want to open the app from opening a browser on your phone (e.g. Safari or Chrome) and going to your site. At the top of the page, you will see the banner to open your app.

A popup will appear, prompting you to open in “App Store” or “Google Play Store”. Tap “Open”. Choose to “Allow” location services access so the app will know where you are. You will be prompted to login to your account.

Now that you are logged in, you can search for listings. You can pinch to control the zoom of the map, which will narrow the search and the listings will adjust accordingly. You have access to your favorites, searches, and account info.

As you move around the map, listings will populate as you go. You can also use the draw tool. Tap on the map to create points to narrow down on an area. You can then scroll across the listings on the bottom of the map. You can then save the search or clear.

You can switch from the map search to a list search by tapping the words “Map” or “List” on the top left of your screen.

When you tap on a property, that will bring up the property detail page. This will include the images and property content. The left and right arrows on the top of the screen will navigate you through the properties of the search you made.

Filter Settings:

Tap on “Filter” on the top of the app and that will take you to a page that will allow you to adjust by property type, price, beds, baths, and living area. Then tap “Apply” when you are done. You can also save these searches as well.

Activity History in CRM:

When your leads log in through the app and click on properties, save searches, or favorite properties, that information will be recorded in the CRM under the leads' activity history. The app activity can be distinguished by the “Source: IOS APP” message on the bottom right of the activity.

You can create an email template that will allow you to send out links to the app in the lead manager.

  1. Use the Lead-App Download URL merge field
  2. Send an email using your app template by going to the lead and selecting email from the actions on the right side of the screen, then selecting your template.

Example template:


I thought you might be interested in using our app, MoveTo, which can send you instant notifications every time a new listing comes on the market that matches your search. You can get the app by clicking the link below:



The lead will receive an email with a special App link that will take them to the app store, and then automatically log them into the app and tie them irrevocably to your site within the app.

How to edit saved searches in the app

Drag the saved search to the left

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