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Real Geeks has implemented both a sold listing property search and property update email feature to help you better engage with your leads. By including the sold listing property search you are able to remain competitive with other websites and portals in your market. With sold listings included in property update emails, your clients are now able to get a more informed view of market activity in their preferred areas and will appreciate your site for providing this information to help them make more informed decisions. Real Geeks has made sold listings when available from the MLS.

If you do not have sold listings on your site and would like to, please let us know

Why is sold data now included in property updates?

Your clients' property update emails now include an additional link to view properties that have recently been sold within the area covered by their saved searches. This information will give them a better idea of the local market activity and in many cases creates a sense of urgency that the time for action is now. Having access to sold prices and closing dates gives your clients an informed understanding of the market and will help them to make a better purchasing decision. This all results in a stronger relationship with your leads, increases the opportunities for engagement and keeps them coming back to the site.

How is this useful?

Entice on-the-fence sellers!

The increased exposure to sold listings will lead your clients to become more in tune with the local market. If your site has enabled the Seller Leads Generation Tool, your curious clients can use this tool to easily check the value of their own home. Agents who have enabled the Seller Leads Valuation notification will be alerted with the valuation of their client's property.

Here is a sample script to engage your clients:

Jeff often recommends to top-producing agents he works with that they keep in touch with their Sphere of Influence.

“Hi Mary, this is [Your Name] with 'XYZ Realty'. I'm giving you a call today because I have a lot of friends and past clients asking me to keep them updated on their real estate investments. My website can do that. I can set you up on a sold search and it will send you the activity in your neighborhood as it happens so you can keep up with what's going on in the market.

By contacting your SOI to inform them of this new feature, you are seeking permission to stay in touch by providing consistent value.

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