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Why Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a fantastic way to create a lead generation pipeline that attracts new traffic to the website.

These leads typically have a slightly lower cost per lead, which helps generate a larger number of leads per ad

The Real Geeks Facebook Tool helps you capitalize on this lead pipeline by making it easier to create facebook ads so you can focus more of your time on conversion.

Before Using the Tool

There are a few steps that are required before you are able to begin running ads through the Real Geeks Facebook tool.


WALKTHROUGH: Want an in-depth walkthrough that will show you exactly how to get your Facebook marketing tool configured? Check out our training that shows how you can enable and link your tool by going to the LINK HERE



1. Turning Off Ad-Blocker

Ad blockers can cause issues when generating new ads with the tool, so it is recommended to turn this off (if you have any). Check within your browser extensions and make sure that this ad blocker has been turned off this tool

2. Set up Facebook Business Page/Billing

Within your Facebook business manager, you are able to generate a new business page and establish the payment method used in your ads.

click the following if you need to: 

Make a new business page from scratch

Connect to an existing page

3. Creating a Facebook Business Manager

Facebook requires the use of a business asset manager in order to interact with outside ad generators, like the Real Geeks Facebook Tool. To learn more about how to create this business manager, please click the link here

4. Verify your Domain through Facebook

Click here to be taken through the steps to verify your domain name with Facebook

5. Creating a Facebook Pixel

Click here to be taken through the steps to add your Facebook retargeting pixel to your website

Enabling the Tool

1. Go to fb.realgeeks.com

2. Agree to the terms of service and acknowledge the “Included with your core platform subscription” by placing a checkmark next to each option

3. Click “Enable Ads Manager”


Facebook Marketing Tool Permissions

To enable other site users to access the Facebook Marketing Tool, the site owner must set the user’s permissions to “Facebook Admin” in Account Permissions. Please note that while multiple users may be granted Facebook Admin permissions, other Admins will only be able to view ads created by others and can only edit or delete his or her own ads. For more information regarding setting Account Permissions, please visit: http://docs.realgeeks.com/account_permissions.

Please refer to the following link for more information on setting permissions for your team across the Facebook platform: http://docs.realgeeks.com/facebook_marketing_tool_permissions.

Real Geeks Tool Cost

Originally set as an add-on that could be purchased, the Real Geeks Facebook tool now comes included in your core subscription with Real Geeks. Please verify the cost when enabling the tool 


Ad Types

The tool allows you to create eight different creative formats of rich ads with information and images from your website. Please view the information below for specific examples and step-by-step guides for creating each ad type.

Allows you to market a particular property on your website to attract new business. Use this for your open houses, announcing brand new properties that hit the market, or drive new engagement directly to your listing!

carousel.gif              collage.png

           Example of a carousel ad                                                     Example of collage ad         

To create this ad type: 
1. Go to the Real Geeks Facebook Tool's Single Property Carousel or Single Property Collage Ad Template, and click "Use This Property"
2. Type in the MLS number of the listing you want to advertise (this can be found on your website or in your MLS board)
This will automatically pull in your listings property information pulled directly from your MLS board. 
Use this data to include eye-catching property photos, prepare engaging content that includes information about your listing, and dictate how the ad should appear on Facebook for potential leads!      

Create a direct link to a list of properties in a particular area to increase the amount of business you perform in a particular market. Excellent for building your pipeline for a particular region or neighborhood while bringing attention to popular areas within your market! 


To create this ad type: 

1. Visit your website and add search criteria in your website's advanced search to generate a list of results that you'd like displayed on your ad

2. Copy the URL of your search 

3. Paste this URL in the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Single Search ad type, and click "Use this Search"

Quick Tips:

  • Search URLs cannot be based on the map search
  • Select whether you’d like the carousel images to link to “Search Results” or the “Property Landing Page“
  • When editing the main creative for your post, the Available Fields will pull in information about the search you used
    • When editing the sub-creative fields for each carousel, the Available Fields will pull in detailed information for each property


Create an ad that features multiple searches from your website. Use this to showcase multiple prominent areas (or cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, etc...) in your market, or show various price levels for a particular city or area!


To create this ad type: 

1. Visit your website and add search criteria in your website's advanced search to generate a list of results that you'd like displayed on your ad

2. Copy the URL of your search 

3. Paste the URL into the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Multiple Search Link ad type and click "Use this Search"

4. Repeat this process of performing property searches on your website and adding to the tool until you reach the 5-search maximum


By default, the images will pull in a map with red houses signifying where each property within the search is located, however you can upload custom property photos by pressing the "Use Custom Image" button use_custom_image.png under each search 

Quick Tips: 

  • Search URLs can NOT be based on the map search.
  • For easy referencing, under each carousel image, the tool will display the search parameters and the short link to each search generated
  • Use the "Available Fields" sidebar option to automatically pull in data from the board about a particular area or listing available_fields_multi.png
  • There must be at least two search links included in the carousel for this ad type.

Create an ad that features a specific page on your website that features information about a particular area, city, zip, neighborhood, etc... This helps you assert yourself as an expert in any particular area in your market, and can called on as a reliable resource that educates leads on that area. 


To create this ad type: 

1. Go to your website and visit any one of your area pages (these were initially generated for you using the site setup tool)

2. Copy the URL for any Content Page or Area Page on your website

3. Paste the copied URL to the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Area/Content Page with Search Ad template and click "Use This Page"

Quick Tips: 

  • This page must have a list of Property displayed at the bottom of the page 
  • Choose to link carousel images to an “Area / Content Page,” “Search Results,” or “Property Landing Page”
  • Choose whether you’d like the Carousel to display images with properties on a map or property images

This is the ad-type to select when you want to run an ad for your seller valuation tool. It's considered a "flexible" ad type because it is able to run an ad with any type of link from your website. This ad type only displays a single photo for the ad


Here's how to run an ad for your seller valuation tool: 

1. go to home.realgeeks.com

2. Click the "Home Valuation Tool" button

3. Copy the Landing Page URL in the tool 

4. Paste the copied URL into the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Single Image Link Ad Type

5. Click "Add Link"

Quick Tips: 

  • Take any landing page from your Real Geeks website and use that to create an ad.
    • Examples include your Home Valuation Tool, Coming Soon Property Landing Page, etc.
    • Use this ad type to create a Coming Soon lead capture page by adding “?view” to the end of the page's URL
    • You have the option to replace the image that was automatically pulled in if you want to
    • The tool will pull in the Page Title as the Headline and the Page Description below
      • These can both be customized for your ad

Can be used to showcase your website's primary features (property landing pages, advanced search, valuation tool, market report, etc...) and drive traffic to various locations across your website. Similar to the Single Image Link ad type, but with multiple link opportunities.



To create this ad type: 

1. Go to your website and grab any links you'd like to make your primary landing point on the website (seller valuation tool, advanced search, etc...)

2. Copy the URL

3. Paste the copied URL into the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Multi Image Link and press "Add Link"

4. Repeat this process of performing property searches on your website and adding to the tool until you reach the 5-link maximum


Video Ad

Display a custom video to attract new leads. This will have the video play directly on Facebook, and only after the video is done will they be taken to the website.

Pro tip: When creating videos, try to keep them a minute or under to improve the chances of a lead visiting the website after the video has finished


A custom slideshow/video ad

To create this ad type: 

1. Go to your website and grab any links you'd like to make your primary landing point on thewebsite (if you are running an ad for a particular property, you can search for that property using your website's MLS Number Search or Address Search)

2. Copy the URL

3. Paste the copied URL into the Real Geeks Facebook Tool - Video Ad field and press "Add Link"

4. Press the "Use Custom Video" button use_custom_video.png, then press "Upload Video" upload_video.png

5. select your video file and press "Open" or "Upload"


Note for All Ad Types

  • Polygon Map Search Links from the Interactive Map Search are not compatible with the Facebook Tool.
  • Instead, you can use one of the following workarounds:
    1. Create a Content Page and create the desired Polygon Map within the Property Display Search Options. Link to this page in the Facebook Tool by using either the Single Search Ad or the Area/Content Page w/ Search Ad template. The Single Search Ad template is compatible because there is search criteria on the page itself within the Featured Properties section.
    2. Create a saved search from the Interactive Map search link. Open the saved search and use this link to create a new Facebook ad

Facebook Advertising Policies

Please note that there will be a short time delay between when you create the ad within the tool and when it appears on Facebook, as Facebook must approve the ad or post you create before it is published. Additional materials regarding Facebook’s guidelines can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/.

Facebook also provides guidelines regarding how much text can be included on an image. More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/980593475366490 They provide a tool to test your images here: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay.


Additional Facebook Tool Resources

Facebook Marketing Tool Permissions

Facebook Marketing Tool User Guide

Thank you for implementing the Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool! If you would like to know more about our Facebook Marketing Tool, feel free to join us every single Thursday at 3 PM EST for our Facebook Marketing Tool live webinar. Sign-up for the webinar with this link. http://www.realgeeks.com/walkthroughs/

Review Training Videos on the Facebook Marketing Tool

Feel free view all our training material for the Facebook Marketing Tool on the Tools settings/help page.

We also do a live webinar on the Facebook Marketing Tool every single Thursday at 3 PM EST. Sign up for that webinar by using this link: www.realgeeks.com/walkthroughs

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