How to Get Started with the Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool


How to Get Started with the Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool

Facebook Advertising is a fantastic tool that is really great for creating a pipeline of leads constantly being generated and a great resource for driving traffic to your website. Using the Real Geeks Marketing Tool helps not only generate those leads but also save you time when creating ads.

Please Note: This feature is now included at no charge. If you are on an older billing plan, it is an additional monthly fee of $50. For more information, see “Billing” below.

Before Using the Tool

Browser Settings

  • Google Chrome is recommended
  • Make sure to disable all ad blockers for
    • To Disable AdBlock in Google Chrome:
      1. Click the Chrome Menu icon from the browser toolbar.
      2. Highlight the More Tools menu, then click Extensions from the sub-menu.
      3. Click the Trash icon that appears next to the Adblock Plus entry.
      4. Click Remove once the confirmation message appears to effectively uninstall Adblock Plus from your Web browser.

Facebook Settings

1) Create and configure your Facebook Business Manager. Here, you can keep your business assets, pages, and ad accounts connected in order to run your ads through Facebook. Here is our docs page with some instructions on how you can setup and configure your Facebook Business Manager:

2) Set Up a Facebook Business Page/Billing if you have not done so already. Users may have multiple Business Pages if they choose to. The Facebook Business Page linking is automatic and Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool users will be able to select the desired Business Page from their Real Geeks Ad Manager Dashboard. It will also be important to set-up your Facebook billing to pay Facebook for your Advertisement. To set both of these up, follow the video below.

3) Verify Your Domain Through Facebook

Facebook now requires you to verify that you own your website domain in order to create “boosted posts” or “posts only” with our tool. To learn how to verify your domain through Facebook, you can follow the prompted steps on our Facebook Domain Verification guide.

4) Create a Facebook pixel. All Facebook Ad accounts that are linked to the Real Geeks platform must have a Facebook pixel configured for the account. For more information, please visit: Please note that the pixel will not need to be emailed to support in this case, as the tool itself will link the pixel to your site once you create your first ad using the tool. Once you have watched the video, please visit the following link to create your first pixel:

Please send your Facebook Pixel ID over to our support team at

5) Site Owner Must Enable the Facebook Marketing Tool

Go to to enable this tool.

Getting Started with the Tool

Access the Facebook Marketing Tool

From a new browser window:

  1. Navigate to If you are navigating to this site for the first time, skip the next two steps and see the instructions below for Enabling the tool.
  2. Enter in your Real Geeks login information
  3. Select “Sign In to My Account“

From the Site Backend:

  1. Select the square, black icon with nine dots from the top right corner of the Site Backend Administration page.
  2. Select “Ads Manager” from the drop down menu.

From the Lead Manager:

  1. Select the square, black icon with nine dots from the top right corner of the Lead Manager.
  2. Select “Ads Manager” from the drop down menu.

Enable the Facebook Marketing Tool

These instructions are for users enabling the tool for the first time. This must be done by the site owner.

  1. Read through the terms and conditions and select Agree.
  2. Accept the monthly charge.


This price setting must be agreed upon to access the tool. Real Geeks originally created the tool for our marketing team to manage Facebook Marketing for our customers. Jeff then decided to make it available to Real Geeks customers who want to manage their own advertising campaigns. The original plan was to charge $250 and then Jeff decided to make it as affordable as possible to offer maximum value. We decided to share it with our customers and charge $50 per site per month to use it. This charge will be added to your Real Geeks billing. Users who prefer to use utilize a separate, or multiple, credit cards for their ad budget can do so while configuring their Facebook Advertising Account as mentioned above.

Facebook Marketing Tool Permissions

To enable other site users to access the Facebook Marketing Tool, the site owner must set the user’s permissions to “Facebook Admin” in Account Permissions. Please note that while multiple users may be granted Facebook Admin permissions, other Admins will only be able to view ads created by others and can only edit or delete his or her own ads. For more information regarding setting Account Permissions, please visit:

Please refer to the following link for more information on setting permissions for your team across the Facebook platform:

Creating Ads

The tool allows you to create eight different creative formats of rich ads with information and images from your website. Please view the videos below for specific examples and step-by-step guides for creating each ad type.

Facebook Advertising Policies

Please note that there will be a short time delay between when you create the ad within the tool and when it appears on Facebook, as Facebook must approve the ad or post you create before it is published. Additional materials regarding Facebook’s guidelines can be found here:

Facebook also provides guidelines regarding how much text can be included on an image. More information can be found here: They provide a tool to test your images here:

Additional Facebook Tool Resources

Facebook Marketing Tool Permissions

Facebook Marketing Tool User Guide

Thank you for implementing the Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool! If you would like to know more about our Facebook Marketing Tool, feel free to join us every single Thursday at 3 PM EST for our Facebook Marketing Tool live webinar. Sign-up for the webinar with this link.

Review Training Videos on the Facebook Marketing Tool

Feel free view all our training material for the Facebook Marketing Tool on the Tools settings/help page.

We also do a live webinar on the Facebook Marketing Tool every single Thursday at 3 PM EST. Sign up for that webinar by using this link:

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