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Valuation pages allow you to create more than one seller lead page. You can customize several features of your valuation pages including background image, slug, page header, and search box headline.


Before creating valuation pages, the seller lead generation tool must be enabled and configured.

Creating Valuation Pages

Valuation pages have been added to the website's administrative backend, as part of the Content section.

Click the link labeled “Valuation Pages” pointed out in the screenshot. This will display a list of existing valuation pages. In the upper right of that screen, click the “Add valuation page” link to display the form to create a new valuation page.

The video above goes through creating the valuation page and what each element does.

Creating a valuation page is similar to Creating Content Pages with a few differences.

  • Search Box Headline - call to action text that goes in the search box
  • Example Search Address - This is the example address in the search input on the landing page.
  • Background Image - choose from a library of preloaded images
  • Upload Custom Image - use your own image. Recommended image size 1800×1300 pixels and 700KB.

rg playbook placement.jpg

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