What is a Potential Seller Lead?



These are Partial Leads created from your Seller Valuation Tool. They can be edited and managed just like any other lead in the Lead Manager


When a website user enters their address into the tool but do not signup as a full lead, then the Seller Valuation Tool will send over the address entered and create an activity with all the details it was able to capture. Please note, these Potential Seller Leads can take up to an hour to appear in your Lead Manager just incase the user signs up on the website later on in their session.

Potential Seller Leads will have the address entered saved as the lead's address, city, state and postal code. They will also display a “Valuation Inquiry” activity in the Activity History. The source of the lead will be “Website Property Valuation.”


On the leads' list page, find the All Leads filter tab, click the down arrow and select “Potential Sellers”. From here on any filter tab selected to the right (New, Unassigned, etc) will be searching for Potential Seller Leads until you select All Leads or Full Leads from the first filter tab.

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