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Integrate your Lead Manager with BombBomb to send video emails to leads from within the Lead Manager.

In the Lead Manager, you will be able to track your leads actions: opening the email, watching the video. This information is available in the leads Activity History.

BombBomb also has a section on their integrations page with a screencast on how to use Real Geeks integration:

How to Integrate with BombBomb

  1. To enable this integration first visit
  2. Click Configure Destinations and then click on your site.
  3. BombBomb is available as one of our destinations, this means new leads will be sent to BombBomb as contacts. Click Connect under the BombBomb destination box.
  4. It will ask for your API Key, which is available in your BombBomb account under Integrations. See How to find my API Key below.
  5. Make sure Active is checked then click Save.

Now your website is connected with BombBomb. Visit a lead page on your Lead Manager and you'll see a BombBomb widget on right column to record and send a video to that lead.

Find your API

You will need an API Key provided by BombBomb to enable the integration. To find this:

  1. Login to your BombBomb account.
  2. Hover over your account name on upper right corner and click Integrations.

Note that if you click Reset my API Key your key will change, and your integration will stop working. You will then have to replace your old key over at Real Geeks to repair it.

Import Leads into BombBomb

New leads (shortly after their first assignment to an agent) will be automatically imported into your BombBomb account as a contact. This includes the leads:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

The lead will also automatically be added to a list in BombBomb based on their source. This includes leads generated from other sources like Zillow, and Zapier. For example, leads that sign up via a property search on your website will be added to a list titled “RG Website Property Search”. Likewise, a lead imported to the lead manager through zillow will be added to a BombBomb list titled like “RG Zillow”.

What about Existing Leads?

  1. First, you will want to Export Leads into a CSV file.
  2. Then, login to BombBomb and click on the Contacts tab.
  3. Click Add People then Upload a CSV. 
  4. Select your CSV file and press Import.
  5. Confirm that the First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number columns are labeled appropriately and press Import My CSV.

Use BombBomb from Lead Manager

Once the integration is enabled a widget will be available on the right column of a lead page in your Lead Manager

Just click Send BombBomb to record a video and send the email to this lead.

  1. Click the Record button
  2. Record your custom video and click Stop when you're done
  3. You can edit the subject and content of the email
  4. Click send


Every email you send will be automatically saved in your BombBomb account under the Emails tab.

Activities will be created when the lead opens your email and watches the video.

It's also possible to see if a lead unsubscribes from your BombBomb list. Note that if a lead unsubscribes from your BombBomb emails it does not affect their property updates emails or any other emails sent by the Lead Manager.


Is BombBomb connected to one user, or all of them? Can I have individual accounts for each user?
At present, the BombBomb integration is one account per Lead Manager. This means that an account personalized to a single user will show these personalizations for all users who use that BombBomb link. This may change in the future, but at the current time it isn't possible to change this.

If I update the lead on the Lead Manager will it update on BombBomb and vice-versa?
No. At this moment changing the lead on the Lead Manager will not modify the associated BombBomb contact. We are working on a solution to this.

I'm on a trial, and BombBomb isn't sending e-mails! BombBomb will only allow you to e-mail the first fifty contacts that you add to your trial account. You will need to purchase a paid plan to e-mail the other, “oversubscribed” contacts before they can be messaged.

BombBomb does not notify Real Geeks on updates to contact details, so changes to BombBomb will not affect your lead on the Lead Manager.

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