Big Purple Dot


Real Geeks integrates with Big Purple Dot. Every lead added to Real Geeks will be automatically sent over to Big Purple Dot.

Which fields are sent to Big Purple Dot

  • First and Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Source will be sent with a prefix “Real Geeks - ”

Note that first name is required. So if the lead does have a name it won't be sent to Big Purple Dot.

How to connect

First contact Big Purple Dot and ask for your api_user and api_secret

Now you can configure in the Lead Router:

  1. Click “Configure destinations”
  2. Click on your website
  3. Locate “Big Purple Dot” and click “Connect”
  4. In the field API User and Secret enter your api_user and api_secret separated by a colon, without spaces. Example: myuser:mysecret
  5. Click save

You can choose to select a User – an Agent or Lender. If you do so only leads assigned to that user are sent to Big Purple Dot. Note that you can connect multiple times, each with a different user.

Only leads created after you connected will be sent.

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