LionDesk integration


This integration will route leads from your Real Geeks website, as well as third-party lead sources you have previously configured to work with your Lead Manager, to LionDesk.

Leads are still available in your Lead Manager. Edits to a leads contact information and all lead activity are sent to LionDesk to be updated in their CRM.

Lead contact information (name, email address, and phone number) are available in LionDesk as a Contact. Lead activity (searches performed, searches saved, favorite properties added, messages sent, etc.) are available in LionDesk under Contact Activity Timeline  Website Activity.

If you have any questions on how this works or are getting stuck connecting the systems together, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in support at (844) 311-4969 ex.2 or

Connect Real Geeks with LionDesk

We first need permission from LionDesk. Follow these instructions for obtaining your LionDesk API key, we will add this key to your Real Geeks site.

Once you have your API key from LionDesk:

  1. Click Configure Destinations and then click on your site.
  2. LionDesk is available as one of our destinations. Click Connect under the LionDesk destination box.
  3. Enter your LionDesk API key.
  4. Make sure Active is checked then click Save.

Now your website is connected to LionDesk.

Using Real Geeks with LionDesk

Add existing Real Geeks leads to LionDesk

New leads will be included in LionDesk automatically. To add your database of existing leads in the Lead Manager, these instructions will show you how to do a one-time export of leads from the Lead Manager and a bulk import of this list of leads to LionDesk.

Follow our instructions on how to export leads from your Lead Manager.

LionDesk has instructions on how to import contacts

Using Real Geeks to round robin leads in LionDesk

You can use either Real Geeks or LionDesk to round robin your leads. Currently the API does not support the tracking lead activity if you round robin using Real Geeks, rather than LionDesk. If you want your lead activity to track, please use round robin through LionDesk. Instructions on how to do this is listed here LionDesk Evaluation

This is how you set up Real Geeks round robin for LionDesk:

First: Set your lead assignment to Round Robin in the Lead Manager.

  1. Click the Settings tab
  2. Click the Lead Assignment tab
  3. Select the Property Search tab under Agent Round Robins
  4. Find the Type dropdown bar and select Round Robin
  5. Make sure all the agents using the LionDesk API are set to Available.
  6. You will also need to switch the Type to Round Robin in the tabs Property Valuation and Third Party Sources.

Second: Set up your LionDesk API using

The site owner will need to select the website that they want to enable. Then the agents will need to provide the site owner with the API keys for their individual LionDesk accounts.

The site owner will then need to create a new destination for each agent in the Lead Router using the LionDesk API option with the settings listed to same below:

API Key: The agent's unique LionDesk API key

User: Select the user from the dropdown menu

Should leads wait to be assigned before sending to this destination? This should always be set to Yes, wait for assignment

Make sure to also checkmark the Active box.

Setup Prerequisites

Find your API key

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click 3rd Party Integrations
  3. Locate the Real Geeks integration under 3rd Party API Keys
  4. Click Enable
  5. Copy the key generated

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