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This document is directed to Real Geeks clients interested in sending their Leads to other destination(s) besides the Lead Manager.

If you're developer creating an API to receive Leads visit https://developers.realgeeks.com/outgoing-leads-api/

Real Geeks allow leads to be published to external systems as they come in from our clients websites.

First visit: http://leadrouter.realgeeks.com

And choose “Configure destinations”. On the following page select which site you are generating leads from.

Now you have two options:

  1. Send leads to one of our registered destinations
  2. Send leads to a Custom API, developed specifically for this purpose

Note that the Lead Manager is always a destination, meaning your leads will go from your website to your Lead Manager and any other destination you configure here.

Registered Destination

As third-party systems build integrations with Real Geeks we will offer them as destinations here.

  • Click on the destination you want to connect
  • Fill the details required
  • Make sure “Active” is checked
  • Click save

Custom API

If you want to build your own API to receive Real Geeks Leads and Activities choose the Custom API option. The following information is required:

  • Name: this is just a descriptive name to help you identify this destination later
  • URL: the API url to receive all requests, all HTTP requests will be sent to this url.
  • Secret: this is a secret key used to sign all HTTP requests, learn more in our security docs
  • Partner ID: this is an identification of your Real Geeks account that will be sent over on every request as “partner_id” field
  • Make sure “Active” is checked
  • Click save

In order to implement a custom API url you'll need to understand the lead format. For details see our developer docs.


A destination has to be Active for leads to be sent over. If you want to stop sending Leads to that destination just deactivate it. Or if you know this connection won't be used anymore in the future, delete.

Lead Manager is the only destination that can't be disabled nor deleted.

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