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Expedite MLS Approval

In this short video, we'll cover adding your brokerage logo to the website, and your information to the footer. These steps will expedite your board approval.

Personalize Your Real Geeks Website

Follow along to personalize your new Real Geeks website in under 40 minutes. Download the attached outline and checklist for an easy way to track these steps as you complete them. There is a video at the bottom of the page, which you can also skip ahead through, by referencing the timestamps located in the title line of each step in the checklist below.

Quick Start: Personalize your Website in Under 40 Minutes


1. Review your new Real Geeks site [VIDEO TIMESTAMP 01:00]

2. Personalize your Home Page [06:17]

  • Site backend → Content → Home page → Home page
  • Click here for more information.

3. Add your Company Name & Address to the Footer [08:53]

  • Site backend → Content → Footers → Default footer
  • Click here for more information

4. Personalize your Blog [10:02]

  • Site backend → Blog → Blog home page → Blog home page
  • Click here for more information

5. Personalize your Area Pages [11:01]

  • Site backend → Content → Area pages
  • Click here for more information

6. Personalize your Agent Detail Page [21:20]

  • Site backend → Content → Content pages → agent-one
  • Click here for more information

7. Link your Area Pages to your Sidebar [26:57]

  • Site backend → Content → Sidebars → Default sidebar
  • Click here for more information

8. Link your Area Pages to your Secondary Bottom Navigation Bar [31:54]

  • Site backend → Content → Navigation bars → Secondary bottom navigation bar
  • click here for more information

9. Personalized Website COMPLETE! [34:51]

10. OPTIONAL: Personalize your Landscape Image & Logo [35:13]

  • Site backend → Site settings > Site settings → Template Options → Header Image
  • Site backend → Site settings > Site settings → Template Options → Header Logo
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