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Property landing pages are a great way to market & leverage your listings to get new leads through social networks. An example would be a Facebook post of a listing with an image and key data to encourage click-through to view pricing, more information, and additional images.

A property landing capture page is a special mode of the property detail page. Creating a property landing capture page is as easy as adding (?view) to the end of any property's (URL) web address (do not end the URL with a forward slash ' / ' ).

For example, http://<my-realgeeks-domain>/property/<mls-number>/?view will display a page with a large image of the property and a page-specific capture form. Here is an example landing page:


When the user completes the signup capture form, they will be able to view the property detail page. The new lead will appear in Lead Manager with a source of “Website Property Landing Page” and be assigned though property search round robin.


How to Use Property Landing Pages

  • Property landing pages can only be created on web addresses ending in /property/<mls-number>/?view.

For example: <yoursite>.com/property/mls-number/?view

  • If a user is logged in to the site, they will not see the landing page. Instead, they will be taken directly to the detail page.



Configuration is optional. If company name and address are not specified, they will not be displayed in the signup form footer. If no logo is specified, your site's header image will be used (the image in the upper left of the homepage).

There are three items on the property landing page that can be customized: logo, company name, and address. These items can be configured in your site's admin. Look for the following link:

Clicking the “Property Landing Pages” link opens this form:



Assigning Leads Directly to a certain agent

Grab the agent's ID from your Lead Manager inside the Users tab. 

Edit URL of property landing page as follows:

<domain>/property/<MLS number>/?view&agent_id=<agent id>

Agents can use this URL to market their listing and the leads will skip round-robin and be assigned to them.

You can learn how to find this "Agent ID" for your leads HERE.

For more information contact Real Geeks Support

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