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Property Landing Pages provide dedicated webpages for each property, showcasing unique features and amenities. They capture potential buyers' attention, provide necessary information, enhance online presence, and boost marketing potential to attract qualified leads and customers.


How to Create a Property Landing Page

Create a Property Landing page by editing your website URL in the following format:

Enter your website domain and replace the “######” with the MLS number of the property you want to promote.


Configure the Property Landing Page

Adjust the branding on the property landing page sign up form, and customize your company information with the Property Landing Sign Up Form Branding.

Update your Property Landing Page Signup Form:

  1. Go to your Website Editor. This can be done by adding /admin to the end of your website URL (e.g,**/admin**)
  2. Under Email & Sign Up Forms, Click Property Landing Sign Up Form Branding 


Assign Leads to an Agent With a Property Landing Page

Create a custom property landing page and assign the leads who sign up directly to a single agent in the CRM, bypassing the default lead assignment rules set up in the CRM.

To do this, use the following format:****

Replace your **** with your agent's Real Geeks ID. This can be found in the URL of your user's page.

Go to the CRM Users Page and click the name of the agent to assign the lead to. Copy the 5-6 digit number located in the URL of the agent's page.

For more information contact Real Geeks Support

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