Add Images to a Page



Make your page standout by adding Images to your page Content! Creating compelling content that drives leads back to your website can help you establish a more exclusive relationship with leads that use your website! 


Share photos of the market, promote local businesses, or share an educational resources with potential leads!

How to Insert an Image

  1. When editing/creating a page, go to the Content Editor
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image insert_edit_image.png button
  3. Select Source


  4. Click Upload
  5. Click Select Files to find the image on your computer
    • This will add the image to your website's Filebrowser. This is a private image library just for your website! 
  6. Click Insert next to your target photo
  7. Use the image Dimensions to resize your photo, or add an Image Description in the provided fields
    • You can also change the image size by dragging and dropping the corner of your photo
  8. Click Ok

rg playbook placement.jpg

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