Adding Code to the Source


There are some instances where you will need to directly work with raw HTML code or Javascript codes to place items like YouTube videos or social media widgets. To do this, you will need to work with the source of a page by editing the raw code.

Often it is as simple as finding the relative position that you would like to insert an element. It can also accomplish complex tasks such as editing the size and function of a particular element on the page. The freedom of the WYSIWYG editor allows you to play it safe by just working with text or the advanced functions of editing the source directly.

How to work directly with the source

Any page on your website that uses the WYSIWYG editor can have the source code pulled up to work directly within it. This includes your main home page, content and area pages, blog entries and even custom content boxes in your sidebar or footer.

  1. From within any editable page, focus on the WYSIWYG edit box.
  2. Locate the “Source Code” button in the list of tools. It will look like this: <>
  3. A pop up window will display on top of the current page, displaying the raw source of the page.
  4. Find the location in the source where you would like to work with. You can add a variety of items:
    1. Social Media Widgets
    2. Embed YouTube videos
    3. Add images
    4. Insert retargeting pixels
    5. Many more!
  5. Once you are finished arranging the code in the source, don't forget to save the page!

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