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Display your brokerage branding by uploading your brokerage logo to your website. You can also display a second logo, or an additional graphic such as the Equal Housing Opportunity icon by adding to one of the popular secondary logo locations on your website.

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Logo Recommendations 

A rectangular logo typically works best as your primary logo. The specific size recommendation for your primary logo is 400 x 86 pixels.


Your logo will be uploaded to a preformatted container (200 x 43 pixels in size) on your website. Your logo will automatically shrink to fit the container - this guarantees your logo and website are mobile-friendly. The container size can only be modified with custom coding. A third-party Site Designer may be able to assist with modifying the logo container if necessary.

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How to Upload Your Logo

      1. Go to home.realgeeks.com and click "Edit Website".
      2. Scroll to "Site Settings" and select "Site Settings".
      3. Select the "Template Options" tab.
      4. Next to Detail Page Photo or Logo, select "Pick Image".
      5. Click "Upload" in the top-right corner of the screen.
      6. Drag and drop your logo into the box that appears, or click "Select Files" to locate your logo on your device.
      7. Press "Insert" to the left of your uploaded logo.
      8. Scroll to Header Logo, and select "Pick Image".
      9. Press "Insert" to the left of your uploaded logo.
      10. Press "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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