Add a Contact Us Link or Button to Your Website


Including a "Contact Us" button on your website can enhance the convenience of getting in touch with your leads. With this feature, you can engage with potential leads, address any questions or concerns from your website visitors, and stay connected with more leads through the website.

Please Note

This method primarily works with Real Geeks' older website designs, Miranda, Miranda-Thin, and Molly. Anna and Anna - Modern currently does not support this method. Learn how to update your website's design here!

Add Contact Us Link

Here's how you can add a link to a 'Contact Us' form, allowing leads to easily get in touch with you through your website.

  1. Go to your Website Editor

  2. Select the page you want to modify

  3. Click Source Code (<>)

  4. Copy the code below, then Paste it into the box labeled "source code" (see example below)

    <a class="popup" href="/member/contact/">Contact Us</a>

  5. Click OK

  6. Click Save

Add Contact Us Button

Here's how to add a custom "Contact Us" button to prompt leads to get in contact with you.

Please Note

To display the button on your website, you'll need to download an image of it. We recommend trying out this free website to fully customize your button and then download it for free!

How to add a Contact Us Button

  1. Go to your Website Editor
  2. Select the page you wish to modify
  3. Click Insert/Edit Image

  4. Click Source

  5. Click Upload to add your image
  6. Click Insert to add your image to your page
    • Resize your photo with custom dimensions, if necessary
  7. Copy the text located in the Source field
  8. Click Ok

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