Site Set up Checklist & Requirements


Follow along with us as we build out a basic Real Geeks website in under 60 minutes. We encourage you to download both simple and detailed outlines below to organize the content you want to include throughout your site. You can also download our step-by-step checklist to help you get started. There is a video at the bottom of the page, which you can also skip ahead through, by referencing the timestamps located in the title line of each step in the checklist below.


1. Upload your Logo and Landscape Image [VIDEO TIMESTAMP 03:25]

  • Site Settings > Template Options > Header Image
  • Site Settings > Template Options > Header Logo

2. Add Content to the Home Page [05:30]

  • Content > Home Page

3. Create Area Pages [13:50]

  • Content > Area Pages

4. Create Agent Detail Pages [24:50]

  • You have the option of when to delay the sign ­up auto­-response minutes and hours of operation.

5. Add Content to the About Page [32:00]

  • Content > Content Pages > Template: About Page

6. Create a Foreclosure Page [34:38]

  • Content > Content Pages > Template: Foreclosure Page

7. Create a Page for Sellers [36:35]

  • Content > Content Pages > Template: Page with Search

8. Create a Page for Buyers [38:52]

  • Content > Content Pages > Template: Page with Search

9. Configure Your Sidebar(s) - Link to Content and Area Pages [41:00]

  • Content > Content Pages > Template: Page with Search

10. Configure Your Navigation Bar(s) [46:25]

  • Content > Navigation Bars

11. Add Company Name & Address to Footer [53:00]

  • Content > Footers

12. Add Home Valuation Widget to Sidebar [53:50]

  • Widgets > Seller Leads Widget

13. Add Content to Blog Home Page and Create Blog Posts [56:25]

  • Blog > Blog Home Page
  • Blog > Posts

14. Use the Design Editor to Make Changes to your Site’s Appearance [58:00]

  • Site Settings > Design Editor

15. Review Your Site and Delete any Unused Example Pages [59:03]

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure all links in the sidebar, navigation and anywhere else on your site work. Delete all unused placeholder text and example pages that you haven’t used

16. Ready to go LIVE! [1:00:10]

  • You are ready to go live upon IDX approval for Real Geeks with your MLS board.

Site Build Walk-through Video in 60 minutes

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