Before You Go Live


Before you are able to launch your Real Geeks website, Here are some questions that you will need to answer

Are you Approved?

Have you received the MLS approval required from your MLS board? If you have already submitted the approval forms to your MLS, please contact support and we will check to see if we received a confirmation email from them.

We do not want to launch the website before this, as there would be no MLS data available on your website

Do you have an email that matches your domain name?

For example: if you own, do you also have an email address that matches the website name like or

If this is the case, please Contact Support and let us know what type of email you are using (G-suite, Godaddy Office 365, Bluehost, etc…).

Without the proper MX records in place on our end, your email will go down and any emails sent during this time will be lost

What are MX Records?

MX stands for mail exchanger. MX records specify the mail server that will receive and send emails through your domain.

Contact your email provider and they can provide you with the necessary information that will need to be sent to Real Geeks support

How to Launch the Website

Launching a website requires you to set your domain’s name servers to ours:


Here are links to guides that can help you accomplish this task for common registrars:

Once your site is live, all administrative users should access your site backend from You may still have access to your development site,, however, you should discontinue its use as the development site will eventually be taken down as part of a routine clean-up.

After Updating the Nameservers

Once you have changed your nameservers, you will need to contact support so that we can make the necessary changes on our end to push your site live.

Please note that these changes can potentially take up to 48 hours. This is out of Real Geeks control as the domain is propagating online. If you do not see the website up and running within 48 hours, please give our support team a call

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