Migrate to New Site Design


Customizing Your Website's Theme

1. Navigate to your website's administrative backend. ( [Your Website URL]/admin )

2. On the “What's New” bulletin, click on migration tool. (It doesn't matter if you've already migrated to the new design)

3. On the Migration Page, under the New Design section, use the dropdown to switch between Miranda (default landscape search), Miranda Thin (low-profile landscape search) or Molly (high-profile landscape search).

  • Note: Landscape Search image requirements are different for each option. Click here to learn more.

4. Under the Color Variation section use the dropdown menu to select from the provided color variations. There are dozens of possible color combinations to choose from. The names for each variation will give you a hint of the accent color for each option.

5. If you haven't already added your logo, you can do it here.

6. Choose your own landscape image/video.

7. Once you're happy with your selection or want to see your changes, click “Save” and reload your website or click on “View Site”.

If you'd like to continue exploring your options, you can return to your site admin's migration tool [YOUR WEBSITE URL]/admin/styles/migrate to edit your settings and save again. Once you're happy with your selection, clicking “Save” will keep all of your changes.

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