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The login with facebook option is an amazing way to make signing up simpler for potential leads helping improve lead conversion!!!

Want to change the way your lead logs in with Facebook?

If you go to your site backend to “Site Settings” > “Advanced Site Settings” > “Enable Facebook Login”, you will have these options:

  • Use Default
  • Enabled - Require Phone
  • Enabled - Don't Require Phone
  • Disabled

The default option is always set to “Enabled - Require Phone”.

What if a lead comes in without a number?

If your site has it set to “Default” or “Enabled - Require Phone” and a lead still comes in your lead manager without a number, this is because the lead decided to leave the site when prompted to fill out their phone number.

We wait 1 minute after signup for the lead to give us a phone number. If we don’t get it, we send the lead to the Lead Manager. Even if the source of your lead is from an ad (i.e. Adwords), they can still choose to login with Facebook so this can happen to them as well if they left before adding their number.

How do I remove the Facebook login?

If you do not want the Facebook login, you can set the “Enable Facebook Login” in the site backend to “Disabled”.


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