Automatic Sitemap

The GoogleBot uses XML sitemaps to get directions on how to crawl your site. We automatically generate a sitemap for you at www.<yourdomain>.com/sitemap.xml

You can give that sitemap to Google in your Webmaster Tools control panel.

Before you submit your sitemap, you will need to verify your site with Google. If you already have done so, you can skip this step.

Upload your own Sitemap

If you don't like the sitemap that we generate for you and prefer to use your own, you can upload your own sitemap and submit it to Google. However, we do not recommend doing this. The sitemap that is automatically generated should work fine for everyone. It updates when you add content or make changes to your site. If you choose to use your own sitemap, you will be responsible for manually updating it when changes are made.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create an XML file, name it sitemap.xml, and upload it using the FileBrowser
  2. You now need to create a Redirect to the uploaded file from your domain. In the from field, put something like /new/sitemap.xml and in the to field, put the URL of the file you uploaded. It should be something like

Adding Sitemap In Webmaster Tools

Add your sitemap to your webmaster tools account

1. Select 'SiteMmaps' in the navigation on the left.

2. Input the URL of your Sitemap.

The default sitemap would be '/sitemap.xml'. Use the redirect URL if you are using your own sitemap, '/new/sitemap.xml' in the example above.

3. Click 'Submit'.

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